he just wants to fit in.

A few weeks ago I was at my big kid’s school taking pictures for a fundraiser. The whole school came through my set up. They wrote on their boards, hit the backdrop, I snapped a picture and the next kid came through. Ever once in awhile this kid would pop through as well. I was editing these and whenever his sweet little face would pop up, I would laugh. My heart melts when I look at his little drawings on his chalkboard. He just wanted to be like the big kids.

P.S. Nobody rocks a Cinderella sticker like this dude can. 🙂

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  • Bree,
    I love your children – but I adore and cherish your new 3 year old! You captured the joy in your child in these and I love them! Did his daddy tell you how well he did with me today? He did fantastic and so much fun to celebrate his new 3! I hope you are having fun at Blogcamp and practiced being “disconnected”. Meditation anyone?

    • They love you too! Especially the 3 year old one. You are so sweet to give him presents. We had a great birthday with him. He has been doing his analogy homework all week and is so proud of himself. I had a great time at camp and it was nice to be so disconnected.

  • Bree, these shots are beautiful! What kind of lighting setup did you use? I hope your move is going well, too!

    • Thank you, it was an AB800 camera left. I should have used a reflector, but I forgot it. I used a blue Savage paper and a background stand. Easy. I shot 200 kids in about an hour using this set up.


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