July 2018 Goals

July 2018 Goals – Goal Setting Using Lara Casey Powersheets – Setting and working towards goals for July and checking in on June’s goals.July 2018 Goals

Happy July!

Even though summer starts in June, it never really feels like summer to me until the 4th of July. Growing up in a beach town, things pick up significantly after the 4th, and then it is officially summer.

June was another packed month. The kids finished school and I was so glad to be done. We had a great school year, but I always look forward to having a freer schedule. When the kids are in school, I only see them for a few hours a day and I like having them around. We finished on a high note though, and Ava has decided to go back to traditional school in the fall, but William is going to continue with virtual school. It really is a good fit for him and we saw an incredible improvement. It’s incredible that we have these options now, I am really grateful.

July 2018 Goals

Ava and I went on a girls trip to London. I signed up to go to a conference (it was one of the best I’ve ever been to) and on a whim looked to see if I could get Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets. I was able to, so I decided to bring Ava along, and we had a Potter-themed trip to London. July 2018 Goals

If you ever find yourself in London with a Harry Potter fan, I cannot encourage you enough to go. It was one of the best tours we’ve ever done and we loved every single second of it.

It is truly magical, and we left with a new appreciation for J.K. Rowling and the army of artists and craftsman that made those movies come to life.

Also, make sure to get the butterbeer ice cream and a butterbeer, it is the best.

July 2018 Goals

July 2018 Goals

To continue with the Harry Potter theme, we took a Tour for Muggles. We saw film locations and learned about how the movies were made and the history of the city. This tour is so great if you have kids that love anything Harry Potter. Sometimes it is hard to find things other than a museum or a history tour, and this was fun and educational. It’s one where they learn stuff, but don’t realize it.

Ava also got to carry her Luna Lovegood wand and wear a Hufflepuff sweatshirt and not feel like a weirdo. She was with her people. Her mom is #teamgryffindor all the way if you were wondering.

July 2018 Goals

We also went to The Tower of London. I wanted to see the Crown Jewels and they did not disappoint. MAGNIFICENT. (The line looks like a doozy, but it is super fast, so no need to panic.)

July 2018 Goals

We also toured the Tower Bridge. This bridge gets mistakenly called the London Bridge, but the iconic picture you see is actually the Tower Bridge. Really, we just wanted to go to the top to get some views of the city. There is a clear floor that scares the bejeezus out of you but makes for a fun picture.

July 2018 Goals

July 2018 Goals

We walked around Covent Garden and had to make a stop at Fortnum & Mason. We walked between 13,000 to 15,000 steps every day. Our feet were DONE by the time we got home. After the first day, we were pros at the Tube and how to get around. As we always do, we ran out of time to see everything that we wanted to.

It was really nice to be able to spend that time alone with Ava. I love having time alone with each of my children. I learn a lot about them and having the shared experience makes them feel really special.

I’m flying solo to the States this week. I’ll be gone for a few weeks. I am going to miss Wes and the kids desperately. I’m excited to see my family and friends. It’s been too long and I miss them so much. I also am excited to go to Target, have drinks with ICE, and air conditioning.

July 2018 Goals

JUNE 2018 GOALS //

Make 2 films and edit footage from May. – Nope. I made one film and still have footage to work through. I’m going to have a lot of time in NJ, so I am bringing all of my footage to work on.

Plan an end of summer trip – Instead of an end of summer trip, I’m planning a no kid trip to England for Wes’s birthday.

Create a summer bucket list with the kids. – Done. We each have one or two things, it’s more low key than ever before, but I’m thrilled about that.

Create a summer game plan so that I don’t lose my mind. Think kid chores and how to spend our days. – DONE. It’s sort of working. We’ll see how it goes when I’m gone.

Enjoy time as a family and have a chill vacation. – 1000%. We had the most incredible time in Slovenia and Italy.

July 2018 Goals

(We also visited Crumbs & Doilies a few times. I’ve made a few Cupcake Jemma recipes on here, Ava and I love her. Her cupcakes are also delicious. A lot of times, they look good but are disappointing flavor-wise. Not these. The Banoffee was my favorite and I really don’t like banana at all.)

July 2018 Goals

Enjoy my time home with my family and friends.

Read 4 books.

Write travel series.

Plan August weekend trip.

Work on Pinterest startegy. Maybe take a class. Know any great ones?

July 2018 Goals

To read my goals from other months //

July 2018 Goals


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