July 2019 Goals

July 2019 Goals // We moved to Massachusetts and are unpacked and settled in. Enjoying the summer and some time off! Checking in on April and setting goals for May 2019.

If you are keeping track, I skipped June Goals and it’s almost the middle of the month and I am just posting my July Goals. Doing awesome, Bree, you really are.

Actually though, I am doing awesome.

We’ve been back in the states for over a month now and I am finally starting to feel a little settled. When we flew in, we made a quick stop to see some family and then made our way to Hanscom.

We got a house right away, but it took over a month to get our household goods delivered. We ran out of hotel time and ended up camping in our house for a few weeks. It was pretty miserable. I bought some beds and a few camping chairs, but that was all that we had as far as places to sit were.

Our first shipment was finally delivered last Tuesday and Wednesday. About 90% of our things are here. We are still waiting for a small shipment from Germany and everything that we put in storage over two years ago.

We kicked ass and unpacked everything. By Sunday, we had pictures on the walls and while I hate doing it that way, I am always so glad to have gotten it over with. The boxes were picked up yesterday and we can now enjoy the rest of our summer.

Kids on a bench in Concord, MA

I can’t even tell you how much better I feel these days. As soon as we got back, I felt like myself again. I think that I was low-key depressed for two years. I knew that I was struggling, but I didn’t realize how much so.

The kids have been settling in nicely. Ava went to camp (she got to skip over a lot of the camping-in-your-house, lucky girl) and had a great time. William is bagging groceries at the commissary and training for the upcoming cross country season. Clay and Ava are doing a summer program at their new school and the afternoons are spent at the pool or on bikes.

Re-establishing yourself after being gone for a few years could be summed up in one word – appointments. So many appointments. In Massachusetts you can’t sign your kid up for anything without a physical. Getting a new doctor and a physical appointment took an act of Congress. A new dentist, orthodontist, all the things. The one that almost did me in was getting a Mass drivers license (I am actually crying in my picture it’s awful) and my car registered. But we’re street legal again thank goodness!

But now, we are all done and settled in. Life is good.

We really, really like it here. We have no summer plans because we are just so happy to be home. Wes has a lot of time off this summer and we are just enjoying our time together. It’s been great. Right now I can hear him and William putting together a bounce-back and it’s a Monday morning. This time off has been a gift.

Hanscom Air Force Base Housing

MAY 2019 GOALS //

I’ve been working through the FAA Part 107 training and need to schedule a test date to get my commercial drone pilots license. – I finshed the course and need to schedule my test.

Create a new media kit. – DONE!

Get outside every day. I’ve been cooped up in my house and some days not even bothering to get dressed. It’s not a good look for me. I’m bored and need to make an effort. – DONE. So much time outside. 

Hanscom Air Force Base Housing - Living Room

JULY 2019 GOALS //

I had a site audit done and have a lot to do to get my site in tip-top shape. Lots of clean up and things to update/adjust/get rid of.

I hired an assistant and we are getting her onboarded this month. It’s taken me forever to do this, but I really needed some help. 

I unpacked the kitchen, but it needs some organization and re-configuring. 

Freedom Trail Boston



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  1. Judy schenk

    Congratulations on your new home! The kids have grown so much. I think you are amazing with all that you do. The puppy is adorable and just look at the size of those feet! Love following you and your recipes are my favorites.

    1. bakedbree

      Thank you so much Mrs. Schenk! Isn’t he adorable? His paws are HUGE! Thank you for following along all these years, I really appreciate it. We miss our SJE family.

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