June 2018 Goals

June 2018 Goals

May was so fast and really busy. Wes was away a lot this month and the kids had a lot of events and things. Normally, Wes does most of the sports pickups and without him home, I spent a good chunk of the month in my car. I was very happy when he relieved me from soccer duty. And obviously, I was happy to have all of my people under the same roof again.

A highlight of the month was the Royal Wedding. I love Harry and Meghan and have been a royal fan my entire life. I spent 10 hours on the couch watching coverage and I coouldn’t have been happier. You can see my spread here.

June 2018 Goals

May was also my first busy month of wedding season. I spent a lot of time in front of the computer, so when I was caught up the last thing I wanted to do was be in front of a screen. One thing that I truly love about editing is that when I am done a wedding, I am 100% done until the next one. When I was doing more freelance work for the blog, projects could take months to complete, so it is amazing to be able to turn off Lightroom and do something else entirely until the next wedding comes along.

I went on a quick solo trip to Paris to see my friend Wendy. The fact that I can be in Paris in less than 3 hours will never get old to me. I love Paris so much. I know that there is so much more to do and see, but the pull is strong. I’ve been three times this year and have a feeling I’ll get there one more time before we head back next year.

June 2018 Goals

Yes, we leave next summer. We are coming up on our one year anniversary of living in Germany. It’s flown by and I have a feeling the second year will go even faster. What’s next for us? Your guess is as good as mine. 🙂

William finished school last week. I’m really proud of him. Trying virtual school was an experiment and it was incredibly successful for him. It wasn’t always easy, but it was the right decision for him and he is going to continue next year. Ava has another week left and she also did really well. She’s decided to go back to traditional school next year. I love that she tried something new and made the decision all on her own to do what is best for her. Clay has another week and a half to go. I could not have picked a better teacher for him this year. She is wonderful and he had a fantastic year. I can’t believe that my baby is going to be in 5th grade. Yikes.

Ava and I are going on a girls trip to London next week. I am going to Blogtacular and decided to make a trip out of it and take her along. We are both big Harry Potter fans and we are doing the studio tour. I’m very excited to go back to a city I love and to have some one-on-one time with my girl. I really love having solo time with my kids. Anything we need to do/see/eat while we are there?

We get home and unpack just in time to repack for a family trip to Slovenia. A lot of our travel involves lots of seeing what we can in a short amount of time. This trip is the opposite. We are going with the intention of spending time outside and relaxing. We are going to kayak, hike, and maybe even go white water rafting.

June 2018 Goals

I also booked a December trip to Morocco. I bought plane tickets, booked a riad, paid for an overnight camping trip in the desert, and confirmed a cooking class. This was a bucket list item for me that I am stoked to check off.

There are still quite a few trips we want to take, we have a good idea of what else we are going to do, I just need to sit down with Wes and a calendar and figure it out.

June is packed in the best possible way. May was a bust for my goals. It was actually a very productive month, but not as far as reaching goals were concerned. More like surviving and doing work that needed to be finished. While I am not crossing a lot off of my list, I am very happy with the progress that I made in May.

June 2018 Goals

MAY 2018 GOALS //

Make 4 films. – I made one. I have a lot of footage, but haven’t edited it yet.

Post 4 times on Baked Bree. – Not even close. I posted twice. I have been getting posts cooked and prepped this week now that things have calmed down for me.

Post 4 times on Oh Well Shoot. – This is I did do. If you want to see more of what we do here and where we go, sign up for the newsletter over there. I post a recap every Monday.

Plan content for OWS and Baked Bree. – I crossed off a HUGE to do list item. I created a website for client onboarding and I am so happy with how it turned out.

Practice Using Wacom tablet. – I played with this a little and bought a Palette. I like that much better. It really has sped up my editing.

Edit one film with Premiere Pro. – I watched some tutorials and played around, but think that I am going to stick with what I know, Final Cut Pro.

Finish freelance photography job. – YES. I was so happy to turn this in. It was a BIG project that I loved doing, but it was a lot of work.

Make plans and reservations for Slovenia. – Done. We are so ready for this trip!

June 2018 Goals

JUNE 2018 GOALS //

Make 2 films and edit footage from May.

Plan an end of summer trip.

Create a summer bucket list with the kids.

Create a summer game plan so that I don’t lose my mind. Think kid chores and how to spend our days.

Enjoy time as a family and have a chill vacation.

June 2018 Goals

To read my goals from other months //

June 2018 Goals

What are your June 2018 Goals?

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  1. Alice

    Hi Bree!
    I would definitely recommend eating at Santa Maria pizza while in London. It’s the closest thing to real Italian pizza I’ve ever had outside of Italy. The original restaurant in Ealing is tiny and a bit out of the way from touristy areas, but they’ve opened another one in the Fitzrovia area which is a lot easier to get to and there’s also one in Fulham.
    If you’re keen on Harry Potter, also try going to the Natural History Museum (even if you skip the exhibits and just go to the main entry hall), because it looks just like something out of the HP movies (and it’s free to get in)!
    Also, if the weather is good, a barge cruise along the Regent’s Canal from Little Venice to Camden is really nice.

    1. bakedbree

      Thank you! I appreciate the tips! I love the barge idea. 🙂

  2. Holly

    When you go to the Harry Potter tour, the guide may ask if anyone is celebrating a birthday. If they ask have your daughter raise her hand; they have those celebrating do something special as the tour begins. The House of Minalima on Greek Street in Soho has tiny shop with a cute guided tour with many, many graphic art artifacts from the movie made by Mina & Lima.

    Fabrique has the dreamiest cardamom buns. There are several locations about town.

    1. bakedbree

      Thank you!! I will keep that in mind!

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