kale and roasted sweet potato salad recipeHappy 2014! The kids finally have their first full day of school today and as much as I enjoyed having them home for almost 3 weeks, I am happy to get back to work. We had the most relaxing, fun, break. We played a lot, cuddled, and just spent a lot of time together. It was so nice. I spent a lot of time over the break setting goals and mapping out my year. I am really excited about what is in store this year for me. I think that having a clear vision of what you want is so important, but we can get so overwhelmed with “busy” that we either a.) don’t stop to really think about it or  b.) we don’t make plans on how to achieve this vision. I can be hard to go back and see what worked the previous year, and even harder to admit what didn’t. But without taking a look back, how can we move forward?

dogs in danger rescue

Another big thing that happened over the break – we got a puppy! We adopted Pippa from Dogs in Danger Rescue. She is 10 weeks, a black lab (with a little something extra, but we won’t know until she is older), and the sweetest thing. She is a love. She is doing well with click training and crate training. The kids are in love with her and she is a great addition to our family.  My friend Kim of Paws and Possibilities helped us find her, and gave us some great tips on how to take care of her and get her started on training. If you have a dog, of any age, she has some great articles on her blog. Even though this is not our first dog, Wes and I both learned some things that we didn’t already know and made So. Much. Sense. If you are looking for a dog trainer, Kim is amazing. She evens does virtual training, so you don’t have to be local. to her. I apologize in advance for all of the puppy pictures.

Since we are on the topic of dogs, I laughed so hard this morning reading this. Seriously, tears.

And here are some articles to help you get your year started on the right foot:

Habits of Happy People – Yes. Yes. Yes

Spend too much time on Facebook? Try this tool to see how much time you are actually spending working vs. playing. Mind blown.

Why not resolve to love yourself instead of “fix” yourself in 2014?

This perpetual clock is really cool.

Let’s talk about kale and sweet potatoes. You know how much I have come to love kale, I’ve talked about it a lot. If you are still on the fence, try this salad. I ate it 4 times in less than 2 days. It’s that good. If you are trying to come off the holiday overload, this salad is a good way to eat well and still feel satisfied and nourished.

Looking for the recipe for the salad above? Head over and print it out.