Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada – Our 36-hour trip to Montreal over Christmas break. Things to do, see, and eat in Montreal.Two years ago, I had a pretty bad ski accident. (I swear, my helmet saved my life. Wear one!) It scared me, and I am skittish about skiing right now. I am not ruling it out for good, but I just wasn’t ready to try again. I have skied my whole life, and I love it, and I want our kids to ski. We were going to take the kids back to Jay Peak over Christmas break, but I chickened out. I didn’t want to ski, and Wes didn’t want to go unless I skied. I was perfectly happy to hang out and read books and go to the spa while everyone else was on the slopes, but I didn’t win this one.

We realized the kid’s passports had expired, so we took a chance and had them renewed and if they came back in time, we would go to Canada, and if they didn’t we would go somewhere in New England. We got them back with about 4 days to spare and decided to make a last minute trip to Montreal and Quebec City.

It is an easy drive from where we live and a place we have always wanted to explore. Our daughter is Canadian (she was born in Nova Scotia) and she has wanted to visit her home country since she was so little when we moved.

Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

We stayed at the Renaissance Montreal Downtown. It was a perfect location. Walking distance to lots of sights, shopping, and restaurants. Directly across the street is an entrance to the Underground City and the Bell Centre.

Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

It was really cold, so we bundled up and made lots of chocolat chaud stops along the way. It was really fun to be able to use all of the French that I took in high school and college. Quebec is a French speaking province and most people will speak french when you interact with them.

I think that it is polite to make an effort to speak the native language, and it seems to be appreciated. I fumbled my way through it, and actually loved it. We found that most people in hospitality speak English as well. My kids were blown away when I could converse in another language. (Badly, my French is terrible, but I tried my best.)

Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

A must visit is the Notre Dame Basilica. This building is awe-inspiring. The architecture, breathtaking.

Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

We did not take a formal tour, but we spent time walking around and lit candles for loved ones.

Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

There is a great food in Montreal. We took a short Uber ride to the Mile End area to get some bagels. The Mile End area has great restaurants and is artsy and cute. St-Viateur is open 24 hours a day and you can watch them bake the bagels while you wait to order.
Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

These bagels are incredible. Different than a New Jersey, doughy bagel, they are crisp on the outside and are less chewy. The rosemary sea salt was my favorite.

Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

We got 6 and sampled the different flavors.

Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

We ventured to Old Montreal and walked around. We didn’t have a plan when we came here, and I have found that my kids really love to just walk around and explore. We stop into shops and eat local delicacies. It was really cold, so we would explore, come in and warm up, and then head back out again. It was also the week after Christmas, so everything was still decorated and beautiful.

Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

They love to do museums and attractions, but they also really like to just see what a place looks like. We thought that this would be a good trip to see how they like to travel and what they liked to do before we move to Germany this summer. Different country, non-English speaking, and a new culture. Surprisingly, they love cities and they can be entertained by just observing and walking around. This was a great place to get their feet wet.

Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

We went to the 360° Observation Deck at the Au Sommet Place Ville Marie. It was across the street from the hotel and I couldn’t pass up the photography opportunity. The view was breathtaking. It was a clear night and you could see for miles. We thoroughly enjoyed our short stay in Montreal. We would love to visit again and see more of what the city has to offer.

Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada

Some tips for visiting Montreal:

Check the real time status of the border crossing. We didn’t do this, and went to the busiest border crossing and waited for 2 hours. We could have gone to another one that was not out of the way and gone right through.

Use your concierge at the hotel. We got in much later than expected and the kids were tired and hungry. The concierge pointed us to a great kid-friendly restaurant that everyone loved and even bought us dessert. He also gave us some great tips for things to do and see. We went with no plans whatsoever and did zero research beforehand and left feeling like we saw a lot and got a good feel for this city. We wouldn’t have been able to do that without his help.

It was cold, so make sure to bundle up. Hats and gloves are necessary when you visit in the winter. And if I say that, you know it’s serious. I will do just about anything to not wear a coat.

Embrace the local foods. We sampled smoked meat, poutine, and lots of bagels. The food in Montreal is great, and I would love to visit again just to go on a food tour.


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  1. Patrick

    This is really great timing as I’m headed to Montreal on Saturday. I’ll just be there for the day, but I really appreciate your tips. Thanks and best wishes for the eventual move to Germany!

    1. bakedbree

      Thank you Patrick!

  2. Andrea

    I went to Montreal and Quebec City for my honeymoon because I live in Ontario. We loved it. I believe the church you showed is the one Celine Dion was married in. And you’re right. The food is good. Especially the bagels.

    1. bakedbree

      The food is amazing!

  3. ASA

    I’m itching to go there some time this year. Great tips and I will definitely try some of them. Thank You ~

    1. bakedbree

      We had the best time. I hope that you love it as much as we did!

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  5. Patti

    Thank you for this wonderful post! We, as a family of 5, are trying to plan a trip for the summer. Is it very expensive? Food, etc.? We are going to attempt to go on a budget! Thanks – and I hope you are well.

    1. bakedbree

      You’re welcome. I don’t think that it was very expensive. It helps when the dollar is strong.

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