Picture Holiday – Day 23

Every year, we make cookies for Santa.  This was the first year that all three of them were old enough to really do it.  The three of them worked very hard on making beautiful cookies for Santa.  They dipped, sprinkled, and sampled to their hearts content.  I love that they still want to do these sorts of things with me.  I know that soon I will have to beg them to make cookies with me.  For now, they can make as much of a mess as they wants, use as many sprinkles as they want, and sample until they are cookied out.

I varied from my usual sugar cookie recipe and I must say that these were incredibly delicious and did not have to be chilled before rolling.  Dare I say, that I have a new sugar cookie recipe?

life is sweetIn case you were wondering, this is what my floor looked like afterward.life is sweet