march 2016 goals

(It has taken me 3 days to write this post. I hope it is not an indication of what March is going to be like.)

February was a blur. It was a roller coaster around here. It was good/bad/stressful/fun/emotional/draining/energizing all rolled into one. One thing that I have not been doing a great job of before setting my goals for the month is actually taking a look at the calendar before I do it. If I would have, I would have noticed that my kids were going to have a week off for winter break. (It’s a New England thing – I think it’s designed to get you out of Dodge for a few days before you lose your mind being stuck in the house for so long. I have no idea if that is why or not, but I’m sticking with that.)

When they are home, I pretty much have to close up shop because I don’t get a lot done when they are around during the day. Wes had to work the whole time. So at the last minute, I decided to get everyone in the car and head to New Jersey for a few days to see my grandmother. I really do not enjoy that drive at all (it isn’t long, but every time I am on the George Washington Bridge, I question my judgment) but once I get there, I am really happy that I did it. We had a nice visit, then made it home in time to spend the weekend as a family of 5. We went to the Musuem of Fine Arts and had a delicious dinner and canolis in the North End. It was so much fun.

Wes and I went away this past weekend for a little winter getaway. We went to Saybrook Point Inn and Spa in Old Saybrook, CT. I’ll write more about this later (I have a lot to say about it, all good things) but it was just what the doctor ordered. We came home relaxed and refreshed.

March is also looking like a big month. I’m making a super quick trip to New York City to see a friend that I have not seen in far too long. AND, I turn 40!

I’m actually looking forward to 40. My 30s have been really good to me, and I am feeling like this next decade is going to be even better.

March 2016 Goals


Write new course – The site is not ready yet, but I’ve been working on this behind the scenes and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you.

Plan 2 additional courses to follow – In progress.

Shoot new images for course – Also in progress. Digging through my archives is scary/hilarious/humbling all rolled into one.

Create 2 family videos – I have shot the footage, but have not finished editing them.

2 personal videos – promo video and 1 creative – I did shoot a promo video, but am scrapping it and doing it again. I shot two other fun little videos. Here and here.

12 posts in February – I did 8. I’m pretty happy with that. 12 is lofty for me.

Bake ahead for holidays – I finished some last minute work assignments instead. I was bake/crafted out.

Finish Outlander Book #8 – I ACTUALLY did finish this one! I’m really not sure how I feel about being caught up. I loved this series and am missing the characters that I fell in love with, but I am also happy to have read 5 books since then. It’s amazing how short a normal size book feels after (8) 800-900+ page books in a row feels.

March 2016 Goals


– Finish course #1 – This is lofty, the site isn’t finished yet, but I’m hopeful.

– Purge. Purge. And more purging. A dumpster was delivered this morning and if it isn’t useful, beautiful, or meaningful, it’s going. (A lot will be donated, not thrown away. Just in case you were wondering.

– Clean my office and get rid of as much paper as possible. I’m ready to let go of a lot of things I’ve been holding onto.

– I’ve been taking Xanthe Berkeley’s Make Films class and it is AMAZING. I have two videos left to make, and am going to redo another. (I loved, loved, loved this class.)

– Plan a fun family day. We had so much fun at the Musuem of Modern Art. We live so close to so many things, we need to do this more.

 March 2016 Goals

One other thing is that I’m having a hard time with motivation. I have a million things to do, but having a hard time getting started. Work stuff, I’m on it. But personal projects, or things without a hard deadline are not going so well. I’ve watched a lot of great movies lately, but that isn’t helping me get things done. Winters are hard for me. I love snowy days, but January and February are hard on me on the Cape. Everything is closed and it’s so quiet. It means a lot of time indoors and it zaps me of motivation. The days have been grey and dark. I’m hoping that with spring coming, it will help me regain some of my motivation. The sun is shining today and I’m finally finishing this post after 3 days, so that’s a start.

How do you find motivation? What helps you when you’ve lost it? I’d love to know.

Have a wonderful March!

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