march 2017 goals

(This is from my first roll of film. I could not be any happier with how my first rolls turned out. I am in LOVE with film. Why do all of my hobbies have to be so expensive?)

It seems crazy to me that I am typing this on the 18th of March. Here I am just getting to this and the month is almost over. I finished up a huge work project and it took up a few weeks of my time. Wes was gone for almost 3 weeks and single mom life had me exhausted. The kids were so good and helpful and really made it easy on me, but it was still tough without Wes around. Clay was down for the count with the flu and I also had some work travel in there. It has been pretty crazy around here.

I have been working on my March goals, it just seems like I neglected to write about them here. My apologies. I like coming here and writing them publicly for accountability.

Some life updates. We are all set to leave around the 15th of June. We are waiting for a few pieces of paperwork to come back and then we can book the movers and have some hard dates. We are taking a vacation in between the move and reporting to Germany. We actually booked it today. We are taking a Mediterranean cruise. We haven’t taken a real vacation in years, and definitely not all 5 of us together. We were going to do the U.K., but after the actual move, a relaxing trip that didn’t involve a lot of driving or planning seemed like the best course of action. To say that we are excited is an understatement.

march 2017 goals

We needed a pick-me-up this evening. One of the most difficult parts of our move is that we have decided to not take the dogs with us. Pippa does not travel well and is pretty anxious on a good day. Tyler is 10 and has a hard time with stairs and mobility. We will be living in a hotel for a few months and will most likely be living in a 4-story walk up, the idea of him having to do that 4 times a day doesn’t seem right. And he’s 110 pounds, I can’t imagine having to carry him up and down either. Pippa doesn’t even like the car, so putting her in cargo just doesn’t seem right either.

We agonized over this decision. We love our pups so much and they are members of our family. We took Tyler to his new home today and we have all shed many tears. The kids have sobbed on and off all day and it has been awful. We are so grateful (seriously, prayers answered) that they are going to the two most perfect people and could not even have imagined a better situation for both of them. When we dropped Ty off today, he seemed so happy and we know that his new family will love and take care of him as much as we did. He’s a lucky boy. The kids and I watched A Dog’s Purpose and it helped make this process a little easier for us. They joy that they have brought us will not be spread to two other people.

march 2017 goals

Poor Clay got the flu. He was down for the count for well over a week. Tamiflu is a wonderful drug. I was so sorry that he was so sick, but I loved the extra cuddles and one-on-one time with him.

march 2017 goals

I took a quick trip to Las Vegas to work on one of my year goals for 2017. I took a class that will help me start the education piece that I’ve wanted to do for ages. I’m really excited about it and have been working on it for awhile now.

march 2017 goals


2015 Yearbook – Pull images and send off to be printed – I still need to finish this one.

Clean out bathrooms and hall closet – DONE.

Shoot one roll film and send to lab – DONE. I sent off 3 rolls. And I’m in love.

One family movie – I have one that I need to edit. I’ll call this close to being done.

Book move and plane tickets to Germany – We are in a holding pattern for this one. But we did book our vacation and the time in between the move and our report date.

march 2017 goals


– Start a bullet journal

– 2 rolls of film shot and sent to the lab

– One family movie

– 2015 Yearbook – Pull images and send off to be printed

– 2014 Yearbook – Pull images and send off to be printed

– Clean out books and donate to library

march 2017 goals

Happy March guys!

2017 GOALS //

– Febraury is the new January