March 2019 Goals

March 2019 Goals // A new website, Spring Break plans, and an excellent food photography course. Checking in on February and setting goals for March 2019.

Well, February was a blur. January seemed to drag, and February was here and gone and felt like a second long. March is here and we are four days into the month already. Okay, I guess this is where we are now.

February was a busy month. I worked on a large photography project for Dixie Crystals. I love doing those projects, even with the exorbitant amount of dishes they entail. I re-did my website. (It will launch in the near future, but it is done.)

I changed email providers. I was using Convertkit and switched back to MailChimp. This is boring, tech-y stuff, but it is a lot easier to code opt-ins and to customize the newsletter. My email provider is the most expensive thing I pay for each month and I was having some issues with Convertkit, so I made the switch since I was already updating everything. (Riveting content Bree, you’re killing it.)

March 2019 Goals

Last month I talked about what I want to do. 1. You guys are awesome. I got so many encouraging emails and comments. It is really nice to have so many people be so supportive of your hopes and dreams. 2. I built a real studio in my office and I’ve been shooting almost every day. I ordered a C-Stand last night and can’t wait to play with it when it gets here.

I recently wrote about the frustration you can feel when what you envision in your head doesn’t come out in the final product. I’ve experienced this a lot lately and the only way to get better is to keep making stuff (even if it isn’t great) and to keep learning. I’m a self-proclaimed online course junkie and one that is excellent is Food Composed. Lauren Caris is an excellent teacher and I’ve learned a lot. If you want to level up your food photography, it is a great class to take. (I’m not an affiliate or anything, I just think that it is great.)

The other big thing is that Wes and I have been talking about retirement and what that looks like for us. Weirdly, we are moving in June and will know where we are going in October for another June move. Our stint in Boston is less than one year. Our next stop will be 3 years and then we are most likely done. We are getting tired of moving. We all need some stability. We need to put down some roots. We have an idea of where that will be, if things shake out in our favor, we will start looking at houses and maybe actually buy some furniture that doesn’t come in a flat lay box with a little screw thing to put it together. It’s scary and exciting. All we really want right now is to have an address that you can write in pen and get a dog. Maybe two.

March 2019 Goals


Clean out the kitchen and donate anything we don’t need or use. I’ve been doing Joy the Baker’s Well-Kept Kitchen Challenge and it’s helpful. I’m a few days behind, but I’ll finish it. Cleaning under the sink really was the catalyst to want to get it all cleaned out. DONE. My kitchen is better for it. 

During the process of working with an ad network, I discovered that the platform that Baked Bree is currently built on isn’t compatible with a lot of things. I need to move again, and while it is a pain, I know that it is the right thing to do. So Baked Bree will be changing again soon. Pray for me. These things never go without a hitch. Just waiting for the new site to go live. This took me the whole month.

– Make some plans for spring break. I don’t think that we are going to go on a big trip, but we will go somewhere for our last hoorah. – Wes has to travel for work during Spring Break so this is still up in the air.

Organize all of the kid’s school and the moving paperwork. It takes a lot of paper to register kids for school. – Pretty close to being done. We applied to a private school for one of our kids, so I had to get out allllll the paperwork.

Do our taxes. Not fun, but necessary. DONE.

March 2019 Goals


Get all of our moving paperwork together and organized. I need to update our go bags and get everything we need to register the kids for school, etc. We need to hand carry a lot of stuff since we have no idea when our stuff will meet us.

Read three books. I read so many books last year and I have gotten out of the habit.

Finalize move plans and BUY TICKETS HOME!!

Add portfolio page to my website. I need to cull through my work and pick the best of the best and take new stuff to fill holes.

Start the purge. I moved here with less than I’ve ever owned in my life, and it Is shocking how much one can accumulate in less than two years.

March 2019 Goals



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