may 2016 goals

April was nutty. But I got a lot of stuff done. If you were a closet, cabinet, or drawer in my house – you weren’t safe. I’ve been purging, purging, and purging some more. It feels so good to get rid of the excess. I try really hard to not accumulate for the sake of it, but when you have 3 kids and a lot of props it can be hard. I’ve given away and donated so. many. things.

We have a very late spring break in New England. Wes took the week off and we had a staycation. It was great. We haven’t had a week with the 5 of us together with nothing to do in what feels like forever. We went to watch the Boston Marathon, did some projects around the house, explored, relaxed, and spent a lot of time outside. It was just what we needed. Life has felt hard lately and we needed to recharge.

may 2016 goals

May is moving month. We are just moving to a different house a few miles away, so not a huge move. Regardless, it’s still a move and they are never easy. Lots of moving pieces. We are moving towns and I am anxiously awaiting to find out if the kids can stay in the schools that they are in now. I love the schools so much, and I would really like to stay put. We leave for wherever we are going next summer, but if I can have one less transition for them this year, I’d be thrilled. This is stressing me out and I will feel so much better when I definitively have an answer.

may 2016 goals

I bought a new Fitbit this week (You can friend me here.) and it’s been encouraging me to get out and walk more. My dog needs to be walked on a leash as part of her recovery, so I’ve been walking every day.  (She was hit by a car and had hip surgery.) It’s very motivating to hit your step goal and I am competitive, I like to do challenges with friends on Fitbit. (This week has been terrible for steps because of rain and living in the car.) The fresh air does so much for my attitude and productivity. I can go the entire day without going outside or even really speaking to anyone, so it helping me get out of my rut.

may 2016 goals


Organize photos and clean computers – This has been on my to-do list for ages. Once I cleaned the tangible stuff I realized that I am a digital hoarder. I have stuff taking up space and hard drives everywhere. SerendipidouslyEverpresent reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in trying out their photo organizing service. It’s the best thing in the world. I’ll write a full post later, but let me just say now that this is a life-changing service for a photographer/hoarder like me. DONE. This one feels so good. I’m waiting for my photos to come back from Everpresent, I cannot wait.

Finish cleaning out closets and have donation pick up. DONE. Lots of stuff is gone, and hopefully, will meet up with someone that needs it.

Pack a few boxes every week until we move. (We are moving almost a month earlier than we planned. Gotta get on it.) Still lots to pack, but it’s coming along. 

–  Use spa gift card for a massage. I know this one sounds indulgent, but my husband gave me a massage for Valentine’s Day and I’m not making it a priority to actually book it and go. A massage sounds really good right now. – Why I haven’t done this one, I can’t give a good answer.

may 2016 goals

I’m keeping the goals for May on the lighter side since moving will take up so much of my time and energy. I also just found out I need to take a last minute trip, and will leave tomorrow or Friday.


– Unpack and get rid of the boxes

– Hang pictures and decorate

– 10,000 steps 5 times a week

– New photography offer

may 2016 goals

Have a great May!