May 2018 Goals – Goal Setting Using Lara Casey Powersheets – Setting and working towards goals for May and checking in on April’s goals.

May 2018 Goals

April was a fun month. I made a new rule at our house. On Sundays, we go out and explore. Everyone has to go, and there is no complaining or whining about it. We don’t let our kids use electronics during the week, and they aren’t always thrilled with us taking away the one day that they can zone out in front of a screen. But it is so nice out right now and there is so much for us to do and see. There will be plenty of time to play Fortnite later.  So we pile in the car and we go.

Wissembourg, France was the first Sunday exploration. It is about an hour and a half from here and it is an adorable French village in the Alsace region right across the border. I’ll happily sit at a cafe on the river and sip a rosé and snack on a Tarte flambée. There are cute shops and a pretty place to walk around.

May 2018 Goals

May 2018 Goals

One of my favorite places we’ve gone to since we’ve been here is Bad Wildbad. The tree walk (Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald) is amazing. It is a boardwalk that goes over the treetops of the Black Forest. You are literally walking over the tops of the trees. At the end is a viewing tower that is 130 feet up. You can see for miles and miles. On a clear day, you can see the Swiss Alps. We had lunch at the Biergarten at the bottom and had such a good day.

May 2018 Goals

May 2018 Goals

Our neighborhood palace is Ludwigsburg Palace. I say that half joking, but there are castles and palaces all over the place here. This one just happens to be the closest to our house. You can walk around the gardens and tour the palace. There are lots of little spots to play and have a drink or snack. We were there after Easter, but the trees were still covered in painted eggs. They have the most incredible Pumpkin Festival.

May 2018 Goals

May 2018 Goals

May 2018 Goals


Make 4 films. I only made 2. Dyeing Eggs and Walking in the Trees. I have footage for one more, but didn’t get it edited in time.

Post 4 times on Baked Bree. Just twice. Passionfruit Cake (delicious) and Baked Balsamic Chicken (I make at least once a week. No kidding).

Post 4 times on Oh Well Shoot. Here. Here. Here. HereHere. And here.

Update client materials to reflect new branding for OWS. – Rewritten, but looking for someone to design it.

Update resource pages. Photography Resources and Blogging Resources.

Practice using Wacom tablet. I let someone borrow it so I’m going do this another month.

Work on audio skills for filmmaking. I took two classes to improve my audio. I took an audio Masterclass inside of Filming Life Academy. This one is so good and I have learned so much.

May 2018 Goals

MAY 2018 GOALS //

Make 4 films. Seeing a pattern?

Post 4 times on Baked Bree.

Post 4 times on Oh Well Shoot.

Plan content for OWS and Baked Bree. I need to come up with a content plan instead of flying by the seat of my pants.

Practice Using Wacom tablet.

Edit one film with Premiere Pro.

Finish freelance photography job.

Make plans and reservations for Slovenia.

May 2018 Goals

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What are your May 2018 Goals?