May 2019 Goals

May 2019 Goals

May 2019 Goals // Fighting boredom, Spring Break in Spain, cooking with next to nothing and going grey! Checking in on April and setting goals for May 2019.

April was a crazy month. Our house is packed up. One of our cars is well on its way to meet us when we arrive a MONTH FROM YESTERDAY. I am so excited to see my friends and family. I’ve missed them so much and cannot wait to love on them when we get back.

The week before we packed out we went to Mallorca for Spring Break. I’ve wanted to go to Mallorca ever since we watched The Night Manager. When we were flying in, I saw the house from the show from the air. It’s a beautiful place with kind people and excellent food. 

swimming pool mallorca spain

We had a great time. I didn’t really want to spend a ton of money right before a big move, but this trip was so cheap. I bought five round trip plane tickets for less than $200 and our INCREDIBLE house was so affordable. It was such a great house and perfect for what we were after.

It was nice to be warm and in the sun. After months of grey, we really needed it. We were really stressed out too and it was just what the doctor ordered to do the last push before we head home. There are so many moving pieces. I’m sure you are ready for me to shut up about it, and believe me, I’m tired of talking about it.

We got home, finished up the packing and organizing and our house was packed out. It was by far the best pack out we’ve ever had. The movers were great and they did it a day with an extra hour and half the following day.

May 2019 Goals

 // I’m normally not a paper plate user, but when you 5 plates and 5 plates only, you run out fast. //

Now we are camping out in our house until we fly out. Wes has a trip to Greenland and a trip to DC and then he out-processes. It’s one of the times when it feels like time drags and then BOOM! it’s time to go. It sneaks up on you.

We’ll hopefully meet our car in Baltimore and make some stops to see family as we drive up to Boston. We did get housing on Hanscom AFB which is a big relief. If we were going to be there longer than a year, we would have gotten a house in the city, but for less than a year it didn’t make sense.

may 2019 goals

// Ummm…. I did a terrible job packing for myself. Do I have enough black for spring? It’s a mood. //

We can’t move in until July, so have some time to kill. Ava is going to be away at camp and we don’t want to do anything big without her, so we’re just going to hang out until we move in. We are going to Cleveland to drop her off and see some friends. We are taking the boys to Cedar Point and I cannot wait. I love roller coasters.

I think that the rest of the summer is going to be pretty chill. I’m really missing being in the kitchen and but especially being in the studio. Before my studio was packed up, I was in the zone. I was really happy with the work that I was creating and I am itchy to be creating again. I’m going to be adding video creation and I’m excited to get started. 

going grey transition week 11

What else? I decided to embrace my natural hair color and gracefully go grey. Well, maybe not entirely graceful, but I am not going to be covering my roots any more. I’ve been going grey since I was a teenager. That means now at 43, I’ve been coloring my hair for 25 years. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and finally committed to doing it.

The thing is there is a long period of not-so-pretty hair while you grow it out. You just have to deal with it. I have an appointment in June at my Cape Cod salon and Michelle is going to blend it a little with lowlights and highlights. If I was super ballsy, I’d just cut it all off. When I met Wes, I had the cutest short haircut. I don’t think that I can pull it off these days and it might be too much even for me.

I’m 11 weeks dye-free and really feeling that salt and pepper. So yeah, if you see me in the wild, I’ll probably be wearing a hat.

Amalfi Coast Drone photo

// A drone photo from the Amalfi Coast. //


Wes is going to be helping me this summer with some behind the scenes things with the blog. We are going to make some plans while we are in Spain. A working vacation. – We’ve hired a site auditor to help us sort through some stuff, but already, it’s been great working together. We are VERY different and I was a little worried about it, but so far so good. 

Organize and pack for the summer. – DONE. 

Tackle my to-do list for Baked Bree. I have a few leftover things to do from the redesign that I need to take care of. – This will always be something I’m working on, but I did what I had on my list.

Add a portfolio page to my website. I need to cull through my work and pick the best of the best and take new stuff to fill holes. – DONE. I’m not in love with the page yet, but sometimes you need to be done instead of it being perfect. I think that I am going to see if my web designer can make me a custom gallery page. 

Relax and enjoy Spring Break. – 1000% DONE.

may 2019 goals

MAY 2019 GOALS //

I’ve been working through the FAA Part 107 training and need to schedule a test date to get my commercial drone pilots license. 

Create a new media kit.

Get outside every day. I’ve been cooped up in my house and some days not even bothering to get dressed. It’s not a good look for me. I’m bored and need to make an effort. 

kitchen mug rack and photo wall





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