Mini Cherry Almond Hand Pies are a cross between a cookie and a pie. Change out the fruit to make any kind of hand pie you like. mini cherry almond hand pies

A lot of times when I bake, I bake in bulk. What I mean is that if I am working on a project or something for a client, I might bake 8 things in one day. That is a lot of baked goods to have in your house at one time. I send cookies and cakes and pies to school with the kids for their teachers, to the neighbors, and sometimes I send treats to work with my husband. One this particular batch baking day, I sent 6 different kinds of things to the air station, and this was the hands down the favorite. I usually make bets with myself on which one it is going to be and this time I was totally wrong. (These are delicious, but from my experience, it’s usually hard to beat anything with chocolate.)

mini cherry almond hand pies

These Mini Cherry Almond Hand Pies are a cross between a cookie and a pie and perfect for all of your summer get-togethers. I made my own crust, but you could use a roll out pie crust and have these in the oven in mere minutes. I used cherry, but you could obviously use whatever kind of jam you like. The part that you cannot skip is the glaze. It has just a touch of almond extract, and when something has almond extract in it, I cannot say no. It makes these little pies.

mini cherry almond hand pies

These are just the thing when you want a bite of pie, and not the whole slice. These are also great for the dead of winter when you need a reminder that summer is coming again. Especially if you use homemade jam that you made at the peak of cherry and berry season.