Mocha Pudding Cake with Coffee Cream

Mocha Pudding Cake with Coffee Cream is a perfect date night dessert. Warm and gooey and perfect for sharing. mocha pudding cake with coffee cream

It’s Valentine’s week! At our house, we make a big deal about Valentine’s Day. When I was a kid, my mom always made a fancy dinner and decorated the house. It was always one of my favorite days of the year. We got little treats to unwrap and lots of cards to open. Now that I am the mom, I do the same thing. We like to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. Last year, Valentine’s fell on a weekend, so I made a brunch to celebrate. It was such a fun day. If I remember correctly, it was also a very snowy day. We had a lazy morning and then went sledding all afternoon.

valentine's day brunch

I bought these letter holders for the back of my dining room chairs years ago and I think they might be my favorite holiday decoration I have. It makes me immensely happy to bring them out each year.

valentines day brunch

We also play a game where the “Valentine Fairy” hides different colored kisses around the house and the kids have to find all of their kisses. She leaves their “color” on their plate or a note so they know which color to look for. Each year, she gets trickier with her hiding spots and it can last a long time.

valentines day brunch

One year, I she almost forgot all about it and had to go to Target at 9pm the night before after Ava reminded me her that the fairy would be coming in the morning and that she couldn’t wait to find her kisses.


It’s funny how certain things become a tradition. I’m pretty sure I she will never forget ever again.

mocha pudding cake with coffee cream

When I don’t make a fancy brunch, I usually make a fancy dinner. I don’t mean fancy-fancy, I mean more like kid-fancy. I usually ask them what they would like me to make for them and then upgrade it.

And no matter what I make for dinner, I always make a decadent dessert. Usually of the chocolate variety. (Because Valentine’s Day.) I have made chocolate pudding cake so many times, and it is always a hit. I changed up my normal version for a more grown up one.

This mocha pudding cake with coffee cream would be perfection for a V-Day dinner date. It is easy to put together before your dinner, and it bakes while you are eating. It is incredible served warm. I whipped up a simple coffee cream, and to go with the mocha theme, I dusted some cinnamon on top.

Tip – sprinkle a little sea salt on top. It takes it to a whole new level. 

Mocha Pudding Cake with Coffee Cream

This post is sponsored by Dixie Crystals. To grab the full recipe, click here for Mocha Pudding Cake with Coffee Cream.

mocha pudding cake with coffee cream



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  1. cakeSpy

    YEAH boo! This cake looks to die for, and I just love how into it you get with the whole family 🙂

    1. bakedbree

      Thanks Jessie!!

  2. Marissa

    I just loved hearing about your Valentine traditions!! I really like the kisses idea, I may start that with my daughters! I’m dying to know — what’s in the pink gift bags?? 🙂

    1. bakedbree

      You know what? I don’t remember. Those pictures were from the year before.

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