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MV Wine Fest 2015

MV Wine Fest 2015

I know that is a picture of beer, but I’m here to tell you about the MV Wine Fest that I went to a few weekends ago in Martha’s Vineyard. Let’s just say that the Wine Fest didn’t discriminate, I sampled some incredible wines, along with summer beers, and handcrafted cocktails. Yup, it was a good time.

Marnely invited me on behalf of the festival to visit Martha’s Vineyard (my first time), stay at the Vineyard Square Hotel and come to some of the events during the wine festival. And I could bring a guest! My sister came with me and it was the perfect little girls’ getaway.

MV Wine Fest 2015

We hopped on the ferry and thoroughly enjoyed the 45 minute trip over to Martha’s Vineyard. It was a beautiful day and we soaked up the sunshine on the top deck.

Pink and Green Weekend Martha's Vineyard

It was Pink & Green Weekend, and everything was embellished with pink and green. All of the restaurants had a special pink & green cocktail, and everyone had their homes and businesses decorated. There was even a pink & green dog show in the little courtyard.

MV Wine Fest 2015

Our first event was the Great Beer Challenge. It was held at Isola and Peak Organic, Harpoon, and Brooklyn Brewery went head to head to decide who brought the best beer. We shared a table with a local and she shared lots of info with us about living on MV, and was a delight. We bumped into her a few more times over the weekend. People that go to beer challenges are nice.

MV Wine Fest 2015

MV Wine Fest 2015

Brooklyn Brewery’s Summer Ale was the crowd favorite and took the honors. Another favorite was the Harpoon UFO Big Squeeze Shandy. It’s a limited edition, so grab a 12 when you see it in the store. A perfect beach beer.

MV Wine Fest 2015

We stayed where we were, and the second event was the Cocktail Competition. Deep Eddy, Ipswich Distillery, and Barr Hill created interesting cocktails. The winner was Barr Hill. Truth – I don’t like gin and their drink was made with gin. Barr Hill is a gateway gin if you think that you don’t like it. I loved this drink. I found the recipe on their Facebook page.

Barr Hill Basil Collins

1.5 oz. Barr Hill gin
1 oz. honey simple (add basil leaves to the warm h20 when making your simple)
.5 oz. lemon juice
2 dashes Scrappy’s Bitters lavender bitters
1.5 oz. soda water

Shake & Sip

Vineyard Square Hotel

We went straight from the ferry to the events, so in between we walked over the Vineyard Square Hotel to check in. They had freshly baked cookies at the front desk. Good ones. And a giant bowl of salt water taffy. I’m a sucker for taffy. Our room was adorable and looked exactly how you would picture a Cape Cod room to look. Crisp, white, and welcoming.

Vineyard Square Hotel

We rocked on the front porch for a bit and decided to try The Atlantic for dinner. (I forgot to take pictures, whoops!) We had dinner and then sat at the bar for a bit and met some fun people that were also in town for the Wine Fest. People that go to wine festivals are really nice. We made it back to the hotel (thankfully everything is a few blocks from each other in Edgartown and we didn’t get in a car the whole weekend except to get back to the ferry) and went to bed.

MV Wine Fest 2015

The next morning we walked to Détente for a Bloody Mary Brunch featuring Deep Eddy vodka. I loved the little tasting plate that we started with. That is an idea that I am going to steal for my next brunch.

MV Wine Fest 2015

We had some time to kill in between brunch and the start of the VIP Grand Tasting, so we walked around Edgartown and did some shopping and checked out some galleries. We walked over to the Kelly House and entered the tent. We were handed a wine glass, an awesome swag bag, and a flyer for a really cool app called Drync. I will drink a wine that I really like at a friends house or in a restaurant and when I go to buy it, I forget the name and the year. With this app you take a picture of the wine label and it saves it, and tells you where you can buy it. You can have it shipped to your door in seconds. So cool.

MV Wine Fest

At the end of the afternoon, I noticed a theme. Everything pink. I love a rosé in the summer and I found quite a few that I liked. (I have already stocked my drink fridge with these.)

MV Wine Fest 2015

There were also great snacks inside the tent too. Oyster from Island Creek Oysters, a pork tenderloin on a pita with a little tomato (I really should call the restaurant and ask for it, because I’ve been thinking about it ever since.) from The Atlantic, cheeses, and small plates from local restaurants.

MV Wine Fest 2015

My absolute favorite thing that we sampled was Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial. Definitely a splurge, but the most perfect summer drink ever. You actually serve this champagne over ice. There isn’t much more that I could say other than this could get me into some serious trouble. It goes down waaaay too easy.

MV Wine Fest 2015

The MV Wine Fest was a beautiful event that truly showcased what Edgartown has to offer. Everything was in walking distance and the events were well organized and fun. I think that this will become an annual event, and I cannot wait for next year.

All photos taken with an iPhone 6 and edited in VSCO. You can follow along on my travels and life on Cape Cod on Instagram.

Thank you so much to the MV Wine Fest and Vineyard Square for hosting me and my sister. We truly cannot thank you enough for your generosity and hospitality.



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