I have gotten some emails asking me to update this page, and it is about time. We have long since moved since I created this page, so here is what our Virginia kitchen looks like. Just in time to move again in a few months.








I always wonder what people’s kitchen look like.  What kind of space are they in when they create the food that they feed their family?  The other day, my kitchen was particulary clean so I took some pictures.  I really love my kitchen, but if I were going to live in this house forever, I would change some things.  What I do love about my kitchen is that it has gorgeous light.  I love that is really open and that I can be cooking and be surrounded by my children.  I can get a lot of things done because they are always playing or doing a craft or something nearby.

This island would be a perfect place to bake, but there is no plug.  It kills me that I am stuck in a corner to use my mixer.  I would love to be able to look out while I am mixing something.

The refrigerator and the dishwasher both look really nice, but are not very practical.  We have a fridge outside in the garage that holds most of our drinks and platters and that kind of stuff when we are having people over.  The dishwasher is super small and takes a few loads to get through one dinner for 5 people.  I love that the kids are right next to me watching me cook or helping me cook.  Since my kitchen is so open it is really easy for them to a part of what I am doing.

So there it is… the place where the magic happens.  What does your kitchen look like?