Actually, I should be really sleepy.  It is 12:18am as I type this and I am avoiding my bed.  Wes is on duty and I am home alone with the kids.  Pretty soon I will have visitors and I will not be sleeping well anyway, so I am in no rush.  Tomorrow I am having a gross gum surgery and I am not looking forward to it.  Painful and expensive?  Sign. Me. Up.  The only upside to this in my twisted little mind is that it is a nice little pre-Christmas diet.

We ended up having a really wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Wes got home very late Thanksgiving night, so he ended up missing dinner.  The kids and I went to our friend’s house and can I just say how delicious it was?  For starters, said friend is a wonderful cook.  But really, food tastes amazing when you do not cook it.  Sometimes, rather, a lot of times, by the time I sit down to eat the holiday meal, I am so sick of looking at it, that I do not eat any at all.  We had a great time and it was a very nice way to spend a Thanksgiving.

We spent a quiet weekend together, watching movies and cuddling in front of the fire.  The kids played nicely and it was nice to recharge and get reacquainted.  Wes and I even got a babysitter and went out on a date.  It had been months, like 5, since we did that, and it was nice to be able to chew my food and finish a sentence without someone asking me for a chocolate milk refill. The next morning I took the big kids on a date.  We went to see Tangled and it was adorable.  Then we came home and had an early Hanukkah dinner.  I need to have my yearly latkes, and I knew that I would not be up to eating them after my surgery.  I look forward to them every year, and they never disappoint.

All in all, it was a great Thanksgiving weekend.

P.S.  Like the Thanksgiving mug shots?  Why does Clay not want to be a part of our family?  He always puts himself on the outside.  I swear that we all love and adore him.  And honestly, could William and Clay be any cuter in their matching sweaters?  I do not think so either.