November 2016 Goals

november 2016 goals

I’m writing this on the couch waiting for the polls to come in. I love election night. I always have, I love the energy. This election has been really long and brought out a lot of bad feelings for people – myself included.

november 2016 goals

I’m excited that the election season will be over tomorrow. And I am hopeful and praying for a decisive victory. I don’t know if my heart can take any more. For someone that really tries to be happy all the time, it’s been hard with all of the negativity out there lately.

november 2016 goals

How gorgeous is the view from my dad’s porch? He lives in Philadelphia. Which I happen to think is an underappreciated city. It has so much history, amazing food, and is easy to walk and get around.

Last week I went on a girls trip and the election came up in dinner conversation. There were 5 women from all different backgrounds, religions, political parties. Even though we didn’t agree, it was nice to be a part of a respectful and kind conversation. There was no yelling, name calling, or being mean. If there was more of that going on, I really feel like we wouldn’t be so frustrated and angry right now.

november 2016 goalsOctober was a beautiful and hard month. We lost a friend to cancer and the loss his friends and family are feeling is almost unbearable. I’ve been struggling with the fairness of life. And can’t seem to wrap my head around why bad things happen to good people. It’s hard to remain faithful when 32-year-olds die of cancer.

With the sad, there was also a lot of happy. We went to Maine to celebrate Wes’s 40th birthday. We rented a cozy cabin in the woods and had the most relaxing weekend. It rained the whole time, so we had lots of time to read, play games, take naps, and cuddle by the fire. We came home recharged and it was exactly what we needed. Life has felt busy and hectic. And slowing down and unplugging was amazing.

november 2016 goals

Another thing that I fell in love with in October is calligraphy. Ava and I took a class on a whim and Liz was the best teacher. By the time the two and a half hour class was over, we were actually able to do it and do it well. Also, the house that the class was at was built in 1635. It was the coolest house I’ve ever been in. It was legitimately like stepping back into time. I’ve been practicing a lot and it is so relaxing to me. There is something so calming about it and I am trying to practice every day.

november 2016 goals

We had a low key Halloween. I am a bad Halloween mom. It is my least favorite holiday and I have zero creativity when it comes to costumes. We drank mulled wine in the driveway until it got too cold and the kids were home by 7:30. It was the first year they trick-or-treated without us.

november 2016 goals

October went by in the blink of an eye. I am pretty sure that November and December will be the same way.


Start a personal photography project – I need to do something creative and a personal project usually keeps me going.

Take a family adventure – We had a wonderful time in Maine. We had the day off from school today and went out for a nice lunch and walked the beach. We are off on Friday and we will probably so something else fun.

Send some surprise care packages – I think that I have more fun making the care packages than the people have when opening them. I love doing this.

Take a creative class –  I took another video class and it was really good. I took a Lightroom class and a calligraphy one. Learning and doing makes me so happy.


Make a schedule for the day and stick to it – I am not being as efficient as I can be. I feel like at the end of the day I am not getting as much as I would like to do and I’ve wasted a lot of time. I need to set a schedule and stick to it.

Clean out kitchen cabinets – My kitchen cabinets are a mess right now. It’s like a free-for-all when putting the dishes away.

See my family over Thanksgiving and take family photos – I never take pictures when I go home and I need to. We get together so rarely, we need to document it.

Plan our Christmas Eve Open House – We haven’t done this in years and it’s the year to bring it back.

Order our Christmas cards

november 2016 goals

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  • Thank you first for not talking about how we’re all doomed and provided a neutral comment on the election. I’ve unfollowed several sites today b/c of it. I love Liz – I met her through a gaming group (think board games) long ago and she’s lovely. I may have to follow your path and take a course. My mother was a wonderful calligrapher and I was too young to learn from her – though I tried to mimic her on a few occasions. 🙂

    I recently visited Philly and found it to be somewhat of a gem myself. My cousin lives just outside of it (has for more than 15 years) and it was only recently that I persuaded her to take me. We tried Philly Cheesesteaks at Genos and then explored. I don’t think she even had done this… You may enjoy Angelina’s bachelors : a novel, with food / Brian O’Reilly – it’s set in South Philly and includes recipes.

    I love reading your posts and find them calming and they make me want to explore more… Thanks again Bree!

    • You need to take a class with Liz! She’s the best, and I am taking another this weekend.

  • Love Philly, my son went to medical school there and lived on the corner of 8th and Walnut..took my daughter there last week for a job interview (she loves it there also after visiting her brother during those years) and it always felt so welcoming …obviously a flood of memories looking out my hotel window down the street and spotting his old apartment. Will be sad if both end up with careers there, and 6 hours from home,but then again, both in the same city that they love. Your father’s. view is amazing and I noticed that same building being erected when driving in.

    • At a little Italian place in Rittenhouse, I don’t remember what it was called. There is a cooking store across the street.


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