November 2018 Goals – And BIG News!

November 2018 Goals

You guys, we have orders!! It’s crazy to know where we are going already, but we’ll take it.

Wes and I went to London and Brighton for a kid-free little vacation and spent a good chunk of it trying to figure out our lives and what we want to do when we grow up. We knew that we were moving this summer, and that is was most likely going to be a short move. We submitted our dream sheet at the end of the summer and all of the options were pretty good.

We are at the point in our lives (hello 40s) where you start to think about what comes after life in the military. Should Wes commit for another 6-10 years? Should Wes start looking for jobs? Where do we want to settle? (Have not a clue.) He’s been toying with the idea of getting his Ph.D., is this a good time to get the ball rolling? What about me? What should I do next? We left England with more questions than answers, but it was nice to have a serious conversation about our future without little ears listening.

November 2018 Goals

What to see where we are headed? Click the video below!

We’re moving to BOSTON! This one came out of nowhere. To say that we were not expecting it is an understatement.

When we got back into town, Wes found out that he was accepted to be a fellow at Tufts University. He will be attending The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy for the next year. My dad is a Tufts alum so he is especially over the moon. He always wanted one of his kids to go to school in Boston. My brother, sister, and I disappointed him, Wes can take this one for the team.

What’s a fellowship? I had no idea. I’m still not 100% sure I get it, but the gist that I get is that is not a degree-seeking track, it is designed to be more open-ended and research-based. The reason why military members participate in fellowships is to add the military experience and perspective to the classroom. He will be able to audit whatever classes he wants to and will be teaching a little bit too. It also counts for senior service school.

We’ve known for a month and it is just starting to sink in. There is a catch though – it is only one year. It was the only reason we hesitated at all. One year moves are tough. We’ve done one before and you wonder if it is even worth it to unpack all your boxes. It does help us with some timings for the kids though. Will won’t have to move the summer before his senior year, and Ava will be able to start high school with all of the incoming 9th graders.

We were mentally prepared to not know where we were moving to until January, so it feels really weird to know already. (We won’t leave for another 6-7 months.) The kids really surprised us by being really happy about this. We were afraid to tell them because we knew where they really wanted to go and weren’t going to be thrilled about a one year tour. We were pleasantly surprised by how well they took the news, but even more than that, they were genuinely happy for their dad. Will’s favorite city is Boston, and he’s thrilled to be with his people again. #patsnation

November 2018 Goals

We are looking forward to moving back to the States. We’ve loved our time here, but we always knew that is was only for two years. The first year is getting your wits about you and the second is getting ready to leave. You kind of have one foot in and one foot out the whole time. Germany has been an incredible experience and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The things we have seen and the memories we have made as a family has been a gift. It has also been really hard. Living so far from your friends and family is tough. The timezone has proven to be one of the most difficult parts about it if I am being honest.

I’m so happy to be back on the East Coast. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard my mom or grandmother so happy on the phone before. We are still 6 hours away, but it’s much easier than being an ocean away.

So, yeah, it’s been a big month at the Hester house.

November 2018 Goals


Clean out the hall closet. I’m scared to open it right now. And it’s getting cold, so we are gonna need our coats. Done and it feels so good.

Clean out the kid’s clothes and donate what they have outgrown. Done and now I need to majorly restock. They’ve outgrown EVERYTHING.

Plan a trip to Vienna in January. Still waiting on some dates for things before I can do this one.

Take the kids Christmas card photos. Still on the to-do list

Go on a Sunday family adventure. I one-upped this one, Wes and I went to Copenhagen and I took a side trip to Sweden for a cinnamon roll.

November 2018 Goals


Plan our last Europe trips!

Deep clean my office. I’m packing and unpacking things that I never use.

Send out the rest of the Christmas gifts.

Write holiday content.

Start moving SEO on photography website.

November 2018 Goals


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  1. Laurie

    Great news congrats..

    1. bakedbree

      Thank you so much Laurie! We’re very happy about it.

  2. Rosanne T

    Best of luck! Love reading about your adventures! I live in CT and my DD attends college in Mass, love the east coast!!

    1. bakedbree

      We do too! We are really excited and happy about this news. Thank you!

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