October 2016 Goals

October 2016 goals and ways to get out of a funk and to choose to be happy. October 2016 goals

September was a busy month. It was a lot of travel – which I love – but with travel means a lot of juggling. Kids, schedules, work, and at the beginning of the school year, it can be hard to get in a groove. And that is how I’ve felt all month. I can’t seem to get it together and find my groove.

In truth, I’m sort of in a funk.

It feels like I either run at 100% or 0%. Finding the middle place is tough for me. I have been craving a more stable lifestyle for a long time. Because of that, I’ve cut significantly back on blog stuff and have been focusing on my editing business. Which is going really amazingly well. I love my clients, I love the work, but with all things, there is a learning curve and an adjustment period. Growing pains. I guess that is the best way I can describe it right now.

I’m also sad. Sad for people in my life that I love and are going through an incredibly painful experience. It’s so hard to not be able to do anything, and just have to sit back and watch. It’s horrible. I’m angry at how unfair it all is. And it reminds me that I have a lot of good things in my life. Lots of things to be grateful for.

I know that this funk of mine will pass. And I’m not telling you about it because I need a cheering up or a pep talk. I’m telling you because we all have them. Even people that seem to have it together all the time. I know that if you follow along here or my Instagram that it may seem like my life is pretty perfect. The reality is that you see is what I allow you to see. Don’t get me wrong, my life is amazing, but nobody is perfect, and there life certainly isn’t either.

What are some things that I can do to make me have a little more happiness and get me out of this weird funk I’m in?

Something that really makes me feel better is to fix something that bothers me. There is always something that bugs us in our houses that is an easy fix, but we just don’t fix it. We live with the annoyance. We live in base housing and the lighting is less than optimal (or flattering). Every night at dinner, it is either too dark or too bright. The only light in the dining room comes from the ceiling fan, and it is that harsh blue color. I would rather eat in the dark than have that blue tint on anything, but I also like to see what is on my plate. It took less than 15 minutes to fix this problem and I can’t tell you how much happiness it has brought me.

October 2016 goals

I bought a floor lamp from Hayneedle.com (I didn’t even have to leave the house) and 2 new lightbulbs that are warm, instead of cool. Something as easy as this has brought me so much joy – it’s crazy. And that one little thing really has made me feel better.

Spending time outside also really makes me feel better. This afternoon, I sat on the porch with my dogs and just the fresh air made me feel refreshed and energized.

Getting dressed also helps. When you work from home, it can be verrrrry easy to not get dressed. You convince yourself that yoga pants and dirty hair are perfectly acceptable because no one is going to see you. I took a shower, washed my hair, threw on some blush and lip gloss and felt like a human again. I even took my laptop to a coffee shop and worked from there this afternoon.

Doing something nice for someone else – pay it forward. I did something today as a thank you because they did something really nice for my child. Neither of us had to do anything at all, but it felt good to make someone else’s life a little happier today.

Clean. Nothing makes me feel better than a good purge and cleaning something.

Retail therapy. I’m not gonna lie, a new mug, a cute beanie, or some makeup really does give me a little boost. (See lamp above.)

I’m going to give myself another day or two of being mopey, and then I’m going to get up off the couch and make myself happy again. It doesn’t take a lot, often the hardest part is the deciding. Deciding to be happy instead of wallowing in self-pity. I’m going to get outside, work on a project, clean and organize some stuff, decorate my house for fall, bake some treats – anything other than allow myself to forget how good I’ve got it.

How do YOU get yourself out of a funk?

October 2016 Goals


Make and edit 2 family movies – I finished one. You can watch it here.

Clean out office closet and finish organizing – DONE

Go to bed before 11pm. – Not every night, but much better than I have been.

Wake up by 7am on weekdays – Ha! NO. This did not happen. And I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am not a morning person.

Start a personal photography project – I’ve been stuck here, but I’m keeping it for next month.

October 2016 Goal

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this guy! He turns 40 today!!!


Start a personal photography project – I need to do something creative and a personal project usually keeps me going.

Take a family adventure – We are going to Maine to celebrate Wes’s birthday. I am leaving my laptop at home and just going to relax.

Send some surprise care packages – I love getting non-bill mail, and love making care pacakges, I need to do something to make other people happy.

Take a creative class – I just finished the Everyday Films Workshop and it was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.

October 2016 goals

(Working from a beautiful kitchen while I was away. I wanted to move into this house. Thanks K for having us!)

October 2016 goals

We went to Salem, MA after family pictures. It was cute, but something that you can get away with doing one time. The kids weren’t into the spooky. 

Happy October everyone!


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  1. Andrea ( aka rokinrev)

    I will turn 60 this weekend, and it has me in a bit of a seesaw funk. I have now outlived both my parents, and am the only one of my generation on my Dad’s side NOT to have succumbed to diabeties ( type one or two), although my typical German “shape” does bring on assumptions from doctors….:p

    I have worked all over the country, and being plus sized means the “usual tkotchkies” aren’t things I get. I do, however, collect mugs. When I got married, my spouse insisted on a purge, and I donated 75(!) of them to a firehouse tag sale. I still have so many tucked away in the storage unit though…

    And I’ve collected art from areas I served as well…

    Happy Fall Bree! And remember, the only person we can take care of is ourselves.


    1. bakedbree

      Happy Birthday Andrea! I hope you bring out some of those mugs, they should be displayed, not in storage!

  2. Jenn

    Your posts are always inspiring, real and beautiful. Even without social media, most people are careful to show what they want others’ perceptions to be. It’s challenging to be raw and vulnerable. Thank you for this post.

    Also – love your tunic/top. Source? 🙂

    1. bakedbree

      Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. I got my shirt at Macy’s. It’s Lucky Brand.

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