Let’s chat it up. I’m ready and available for interviews, podcasts, and speaking events.

My favorite topics to discuss:

Blogging – finding your unique voice and attracting your ideal audience.

Photography – honing your craft, the technical aspects of photography, and creating work that you are proud of.

Entertaining with Ease – you can have an amazing party and enjoy it too.

Entrepreneurship – being your best self to create a business that you love and that fits into your life.

Health and Wellness – trying to get on the health train can be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Realistic recommendations for eating better, reducing stress, and increasing overall happiness.

Motherhood & Work/Life Balance – Making the juggle between career and family work for you.

Military Career Spouse – creating a location-independent business that allows you to not start over with every new set of orders.

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My not-so-official bio:

Bree Hester is the founder and writer of, a labor of love that combines her fondness for food, photography and shared experiences with people around the world. launched in February of 2010 as a way to merge her love of photography and food and share it with friends and family. A busy mother of 3, including some very picky eaters, keep her on her toes. Her military family is on the move yet again, and currently residing in Cape Cod, MA.

Bree Hester lives in Cape Cod, MA with her husband and 3 kids. You can find her in her kitchen at or behind the camera at

Official Bio:

Bree studied as an undergraduate at College of Charleston, graduating with a BS in Elementary Education. She received her nutrition training and certification from Bauman College.

Bree is the founder of and was named a Top 100 Food Blogger. She is a regular contributor to Simple As That. Her work has been featured on, Pinhole Press, Martha Stewart Weddings, Apartment Therapy,, Yogalife, TODAY Food, Philadelphia Magazine, Babble, and The Huffington Post.

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