I find happiness in order. I like a neat and tidy house. I enjoy very little clutter in my mind and surroundings. I thrive when I feel organized and put together. It doesn’t just apply to my person, but also my life. A few years ago, my husband and I decided to get our financial house in order and let me tell you – it was not easy. It was hard to look at every bill and piece of debt that we had. The hardest part of getting rid of it (well, almost all, we still have a teensy bit) was actually taking the first step. After that, we created a plan, before we knew it we had whittled it down to next to nothing and felt a million times better about our future. From there, we tackled our wills, life insurance, and all kinds of grown up stuff that requires reading small print and the occasional lawyer. It brought me so much peace to know that if something were to happen, (and it will, that is how life works) we would be okay.

When I say to put your house in order, I mean to look at the big picture. Do you know all of your account numbers and where to find documents in case of an emergency? Do you know where to find a copy of your oldest child’s birth certificate? How are your finances? Do you have a lot of debt? Do you have a solid plan for the future? How is retirement looking? Have you started saving for college? If you lost your job, would you have any cushion?

I know that this step might not seem like fun, but it such an important piece of living the life you want and deserve. Having your house in order and making big decisions will actually help you be able to dream big and set new goals for yourself and your family.

Today, I want you to make a list of three things that you can do to start putting your house in order. Make a plan and take some action steps towards putting your house in order.