One of the greatest joys in my life is reading. From the time I read my first words, reading became a huge part of my life. Reading gives me an escape from my real life. When I am tired and grumpy, the first thing I do is reach for a book. I have learned more from reading than I ever did in school. I have been introduced to so many new people, places, cultures, experiences through the pages of a good book.

When my children were younger, reading became a true luxury. I felt guilty sitting down to read when there was dinner to be made or laundry to be done. For a few years, I would be happy if I read 2 or 3 books. This summer, I read 27 books. Granted, I am a fast reader – but I made reading a priority again and I cannot tell you how much happiness it brought me to have books back into my life. As I whittled through my to-read list, I felt accomplished. My children saw me spend a summer enjoying reading for the pure pleasure of reading. My daughter joined me in the mornings most days. We would climb back into bed and read for awhile before we got ready to start our day. It was heavenly.

What do I read? Just about anything and everything. I read all 7 of the Harry Potter’s and the adult books from J.K. Rowling. Adventure. Mystery. Young Adult. Romance. Non-fiction. Children’s. Biography. Recommendations from friends. Bestsellers. Self-help. (Can we call that category something else please?) Anything that I had in my hands, I read. I thought that I was a purist and would never make the switch to an e-reader, but you could not pry that thing out of my hands. I love it. I read more because I always have it on me.

Pick up a book and get lost. Read for the pleasure of reading.