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Can you help me improve Baked Bree in 2018? Can you take a minute to fill out the 2018 Reader Survey?2018 Reader Survey

If you read my 2018 goals post, you know that my plan is to spend a lot more time here than I did in 2017. I love this space, and it feels like a second home to me. I am forever grateful to the readers that have been with me for almost 8 years! And the readers that found me last week. You are the reason why I have had any success as a blogger and I am in debt to you for your support and encouragement. I have deeply missed the connection that I get from this space.

The blogging world is changing and everyone is saying that blogs are dead. I disagree. I’m still here. My blogging friends are still here. There is so much amazing content, creative ideas, and inspiration out there. I feel like we can reclaim some of what was. And I think that I am not the only one that is missing the blogging days of old. (Ha!) The days when blogging was a community and people came to websites on their computers and said hello in the comment section. As long as the Internet exists, people are still going to be looking for recipes, stories, and ideas.

As a blogger, I feel pulled in so many directions. You really need to be good at a lot of things. I want to spend my time creating, but to have people find me and my content useful, they need to be able to find me. Which is where social media comes in. I have a love/hate relationship with social media, but I am not naive. I need to efficiently use social media, and I am happy to do that, but I need to know from you where to focus my time and energy. Do you love Pinterest? Instagram? Where are you at? What kind of content do you want to see?

Baked Bree has been evolving for some time. In the last year, you may have noticed that I have not done as many food posts – but more about my family, travel, and photography. (Partly because I was burnt out and partly because I had no kitchen and was living in a hotel.) I know that quite a few of my readers came here for the food, and might be not as interested in the other stuff, or maybe there is an interest?

That is what I would like to find out from you. As I am planning out my year and thinking about what content I’d like to create, I’d like to know what you would like me to create for you

I would be incredibly grateful if you could give me a few minutes of your time and answer some questions in a short survey. My hope is that you come here and get some inspiration, an idea, or just enjoy the time you spend here. My goal is to continue to create things for you, and I want to make sure that the time you spend here is worth your valuable time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out the 2018 Reader Survey.

2018 Reader Survey
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2018 Reader SurveyThank you so much for helping me make Baked Bree better than ever. Happy 2018!


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