September 2016 Goals

September 2016 Goals

August was a blur. A good blur. A happy blur. But a blur nonetheless. It was a crazy busy month and looking back now, I got so much done. I kicked August’s a$$.

Will and Wes were both away for 2 weeks. It was weird. We missed them so much and the house had a weird vibe. The dogs would walk around and look for them. William went to Outward Bound and had such an amazing experience. (If you are considering sending any of your children, please feel free to reach out and ask me anything. It was life-changing for him.) Needless to say, we were very happy to have them back home.

School most definitely snuck up on me. Since we moved at the end of spring, the kids started in a new school district. I assumed that they would go back after Labor Day like everyone else in Massachusetts. Nope, they went back a week early. In my mind, I lost a week of summer. For the first time ever, back to school gave me some anxiety. I wasn’t ready and I definitely wasn’t ready to send everyone back to school. I really like having them home over the summer.

Now that they are back, it is nice to have some structure and routine back in our lives. It was really hard to be a work-at-home mom and feel like I was giving them the attention that they deserve. They didn’t seem to mind that I had to work, but I felt bad that we didn’t have as many beach days or adventures. Professionally, it was one of the best summers I’ve ever had. I worked a ton and it was really great work. I’m starting to focus more on the editing side of my business and have started working with dream clients.

Right now I am typing this from a table in New York City. I love being in NYC. It is one of my favorite places in the world and I am always up for a trip. Ava and I went to Cleveland for Labor Day weekend to surprise my best friend for her 40th birthday party. We had such a good time. Wes picked Ava up from the airport, we had a quick dinner together and then I got in the car and headed to the city. I’m having a great time, but ready to be home and see my boys. And unpack my suitcase.

september 2016 goals

(Ava finishing her last goal of the summer – jumping off the Sandwich Boardwalk Bridge.)


Organize my closet and donate anything that doesn’t fit or I do not love. Considering a capsule wardrobe. DONE. 

Hang new hallway wall gallery. DONE. My hallway looks great. 

Rebrand Bree Hester Photography – I should have just hired out originally. I thought I could save some money and do it myself, but I hired someone that I love and I am doing it right. Hired someone to do this and the project is moving along nicely. 

Update pages and info for BHP new website. Add more info for potential editing clients. In progress. Will be finished when the website is close to being done. 

Clean out kid’s clothes and donate what they have grown out of. Shop for things to fill in gaps. DONE. Everything is cleaned, organized, and donated. 

Clean out backpacks and get organized for new school year. Cleaned out, organized, and ready to tackle the new school year. 

Finish 3 books. I’ve been slacking on my reading challenge and need to put in some time to catch up. More than 3 books read. 

– Finish one family movie. I have lots of footage, but haven’t sat down to create a movie. I still haven’t finished this. Working on it. 

september 2016 goals


Make and edit 2 family movies

Clean out office closet and finish organizing

Go to bed before 11pm.

Wake up by 7am on weekdays

Start a personal photography project

september goals 2016

It’s the end of the first week of September, so I have my work cut out for me. What do you want to accomplish in September?



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  1. Sarah

    It can be difficult to work from home while trying to have a fun summer with the kids. As a student, I struggle with this too. But I can tell that your kids are blessed with a mother who cares and does her best by them at all times. I bet they’ll remember all the fun things they did this summer, and won’t begrudge the time you needed to spend working.

    1. bakedbree

      You are right. I love being able to be home AND work. I am super lucky to be able to do both.

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