September 2018 Goals

September 2018 Goals – Goal Setting Using Lara Casey Powersheets – Setting and working towards goals for September 2018 and checking in on August 2018 goals.

September 2018 Goals

Hello September!

August blew by in a blur. Workwise, it was one of my busiest months. I spent a lot of time sitting behind this computer. So when I wasn’t editing, I definitely didn’t want to be in my office, so I was pretty absent from the Internets.

(Images in this post from a day trip to Strasbourg, France.)

September 2018 Goals

August was one of the hottest on record in Germany. It was sweltering. And if you did watch any of my stories on Instagram, you probably heard me complain about the lack of air conditioning in Germany. It was so, so, hot. We actually drove 2 hours each way to go to dinner just to spend time in the car because it has a/c.

September 2018 Goals

The kids went back to school last week. If you remember, we pulled the big kids out of school last year, and they decided to go back this year. Ava is going full-time (she’s in 7th grade) and William is going 3/4 time (he’s in 9th grade). He’s taking two classes online and the rest at the high school. It blows my mind that I have a child in high school. And Clay has always been at school, and my baby is in 5th grade. Crazy!

September 2018 Goals

I miss having the kids at home, but I am also glad to have my house to myself again. I really enjoyed having them home with me. Obviously, they drove me crazy sometimes, but overall it was a great experience. We had a good time together. At the same time, I am one of those people that gets overstimulated easily. Noise really can bother me.

September 2018 Goals

I also noticed that was far less productive when I had them home. I tend to get a lot done during the school day because I know I have limited time and get more done when I have time constraints. When they were here, I kept really weird hours. I did a lot of work late at night and was staying up far too late. I felt like garbage and now that we have some routine, I’m in bed at a normal hour.

September is a busy work month. It’s another busy editing month, but I am also working on a spruce up of this website. (More on that in another post – coming soon.) We don’t have any travel planned for September, but we have a trip planned every month until February. The kids are busy with sports and games and races so that is keeping us busy.

September 2018 Goals

August 2018 Goals //

Clean out and deep clean the master bedroom and bathroom. These two spaces are disasters and I need to spend a solid two days sorting, purging, and organizing. – DONE. This gave me so much satisfaction. My bathroom is white tile (why?) and so hard to keep clean, but I’ve really been trying and it’s so much better.)

8 weeks of plant-based eating. Wes and I watched Forks Over Knives and are giving the plant-based lifestyle a whirl. The no dairy part is proving difficult, but the veggie part is great. It’s especially hard because I can’t read all of the German food labels. – We are more than halfway and I have to say it hasn’t been a big deal at all. I would like to be dairy-free, but I am 80% dairy-free and that’s better than nothing. Wes is killing it and really enjoying it so much that he might not go back.

Order prints for the kitchen photo wall – I did this and when they got here, I realized I ordered the wrong kind. I was so annoyed with myself. So now I am using the 92 prints that can’t go on the wall for notes and gift cards.

Take a new group kid photo. I realized that I don’t have any recent photos of my kids. I have lots of them traveling, and a million of them with their dad, but not of just the three of them. – I have a cute back to school one, but truthfully, it was too hot to have a full session with them. I am trying out the Stitch Fix for Kids and waiting for Clay’s box to get here. I also bought a lot of clothes during the Gap sale and sent it to the wrong address. I had a tough online ordering month.

September 2018 Goals

September 2018 Goals //

Finish the revamp of Baked Bree. It’s a big project and I’m getting there.

Plan our Christmas Market trips. We went to a few last year and loved them. We want to visit some new ones.

We’ve already booked Ireland, but I need to book some things before we get there. (We’re going to Dublin, Galway, and Waterford.)

Print some new pictures for the walls. I have a few frames in my bedroom that need new pictures and to be hung up.

Clean out my camera roll. I keep running out of space on my phone. (It’s the apps that I use, not really the pictures, but I still need to cull and clean.)

September 2018 Goals

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