slow cooker mediterranean chicken recipe

I seem to have blinked and September is over. This has been the craziest/busiest/most fun month. We have had lots of house guests. It’s funny how people want to visit when you live someplace as nice as Cape Cod. I love it. I like showing off our new hometown and being able to take care of people when they spend time with us.

October is shaping up to be busy too. My e-book will launch and before we know it, the holidays will be here. Crazy, huh?

1. My Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken is great for busy nights and house guests. It’s a win/win. I have been making variations of this for years – and I never, ever, get tired of it. I lovingly call it “New Baby Chicken” because if I need to send a meal, this is usually what I bring. It travels well, tastes amazing, and gets better as it sits. It even freezes well. You can find the recipe over at Dixie Crystals. (click here for the recipe)


2. Now that we are spending more time inside (and having more people staying with us) I need to deal with the empty space called the living room. I really want to light a fire, plop on the couch and read in here. When we moved to DC we had to get rid of a room full of furniture because it didn’t fit. And guess what? Now I am missing a room full of furniture. Funny how that works.

(The top picture is looking down onto the room from the upstairs loft. The fireplace is to the right if you are looking out the windows, and the dining area/kitchen is behind it.)

I don’t have anything to pull from other rooms, and I am not usually one to have a hard time making decisions. But for the life of me, I have no idea what I want to put in this room. I’m paralyzed.

I was thinking a white couch and two comfy chairs, but now I’m not sure. There will not be a TV in this room and it is just for sitting by the fire and hanging out. I do want it to be on the lighter side – this house is really dark and needs to be brightened up.

Any ideas? Can you point me in the right direction for mid-priced furniture? I found some things at World Market that I like, but we don’t have one up here. (I don’t want cheap, but I don’t want to spend 4k on a couch either.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

3. Do you have a middle schooler? This article is very insightful and helped me understand my tween.

4. I tried so hard to get into the Outlander series. I really did. But I am thankful that I gave the series a chance because it is really worth watching.


5. My friends Jenny and Liz are doing something super fun. Kale-a-rama! If you ever wanted to dabble in gardening, this is a super fun challenge for you and your kids. Β For less than $20 you can start a soil bag garden with fast growing winter greens. If we can do it, so can you! Their first challenge starts soon, so sign up for the videos. My kids are WAY into this. Even the Pippa is into growing her own lettuce.

bluelilyΒ 6. I need to get ready. We are meeting up with Wendy and Tyler from Blue Lily Photography this afternoon. This is the third year I have had them do our family photos. I love working with them, and they are amazing with my kids. They travel all over the world, so see if they are making a stop near you. You won’t regret it. Now what to wear?

Have a great Monday!