prismacolor pencilsA few days ago, William asked me to buy him some new colored pencils. I spent most of my childhood coloring and drawing and love that he loves to do this as much as I do. I went on Amazon and bought him a set of Prismacolors. He was so cute waiting for his package to arrive. As soon as he got home from school, “Mom, is my package here yet?” We spent the afternoon drawing pictures and chatting. The other kids wanted in on the action, so we sat around the table and made pictures. It was a really nice afternoon.

1. I love art supplies. I believe that children deserve to create art with nice supplies. There is nothing wrong with Crayola, don’t get me wrong, but the end product can be even more amazing when you use high quality supplies. For colored pencils, I love Prismacolor. The colors are so bold and gorgeous and easy to blend. Worth every penny.

groceries2. I feel like I live at the grocery store. Here is an fascinating look at people’s groceries from around the world.

summer-ebook3. All over Facebook this week, we are hearing about it being the last day of school. We still have a few weeks left, but here is a great e-book for fun summer activities to keep the littles busy and happy. Have you planned your summer yet?

catalina4. We have a lot of summer travel planned, and the Catalina bag from Lo & Sons looks perfect. I swear, finding the perfect bag is so hard. This canvas bag looks perfect for a long weekend. And it is adorable!

workflowy5. I love a list. I have slowly been working my way to keep track of things digitally, instead of pen and paper. I love pen and paper, but it seems like I can never find my list when I need it. I have switched to Google Calendar finally and have fallen in love with Workflowy. It works the way my brain works, and I love the simple interface. It works in your browser, on your iPhone and iPad. Give it a try if you want to get your thoughts organized. There are also great videos to help you get started.

color-run6. My kids are still talking about The Color Run. They loved it, and have been asking when we can do it again. It was the most fun family outing we have had in a long, long time. So. Much. Fun.

nuggets7. Favorite Instagram of the week – I couldn’t narrow it down, so I picked one of each.

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the long weekend!