smores cookbookI was in Barnes and Noble with my kids looking through the cookbook section, and you will never guess what I stumbled upon. The cookbook that I shot back in January! My friend Susan from Doughmesstic wrote a cookbook devoted entirely to the iconic American treat, the S’more. The S’mores Cookbook is filled with fun and creative recipes that honor the graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow combination that we all know and love. We had so much fun working on this book. I went to her house, we formed a game plan, and we made every recipe in the book and shot the whole thing in 4 days. It was crazy. I think that I had marshmallow stuck to my eyelashes even when I got home. It was a sticky project for sure. The end result is more than I could have ever hoped for. It is so weird to see something that you work on for so long on finished and on a book shelf. In a book store. Crazy. Susan is celebrating the release of the book over on her blog with a month of glorious s’more recipes, go over and check it out. I will write more about the book later, but couldn’t wait to share it with you.

1. In the mood for S’more Pancakes? Black Forest S’mores? S’mores Creme Brulee? S’moretinis? Grab a copy here!

takorean2. There is amazing food to be had in the DC area. You could eat somewhere different every single day and have an amazing meal. The thing that I crave the most is the bulgogi tacos from Takorean in Union Market. I make up find a reason to head down that way to get my favorite tacos. Sweet and savory beef, with spicy kimchi, lots of cilantro, and lime crema. They also have a food truck so you can grab them when they are in your neighborhood.

newseum3. After I satisfied my taco craving, we headed to the Newseum to see the JFK exhibit. Creating Camelot shows the private life of the Kennedy’s shot by Jacques Lowe, the personal photographer of the family. The pictures are beautiful and I love seeing the White House through the lens of a camera. The original negatives were kept in the basement of the World Trade Center and were destroyed during 9/11. The images we were re-created digitally from his personal contact sheets that he kept in his studio in a different part of the city. As interesting as the the exhibit is, I am more amazed at the restoration process. This video shows how they painstakingly worked on these images to produce the 70 images in the museum. If you are in DC, or planning a visit, this exhibit will be open until January 5th.

little passports

4. One of the perks of being a blogger is getting to try out new products and services. One of the most fun and interesting things to land in my mailbox lately has been Little Passports. It is a subscription service similar to Kiwi Crate, instead of crafts, a package arrives from Sam and Sofia from wherever they are in the world or two of the 50 states. Inside the package is a letter from them, a passport, stickers, activity books, maps, and souvenirs. ‘

little passports

We tried out the USA edition and learned all about South Carolina and Alaska. I was a Charleston tour guide in college and still learned some things about South Carolina that I did not know. We learned about shagging (the state dance), how to set a table, how to figure out how old trees are, The Hunley, how to make berry ink, the Civil War, Fort Sumter, and how to Wigwag (or signal like the soldiers did before radio). Included in the book are recipes and fun crafts that go along with the state. The kids and I both love this kit and will continue to get them. I am undecided if I want to do the USA or the world, If I were a homeschooler, I would absolutely do both. Such a fun way to learn about geography and history.

camera5. Included in our Little Passports kit, was this camera. It is a disposable film camera. Ava was so confused about how it worked. She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t see the picture on the back. And why you had to turn the wheel. I had to take a film camera down off the shelf and explain to her how film worked. I never felt so old in my entire life. I think that it time to shoot some film again, just to keep the medium alive.

I am on a trip with my kids to the beach soaking up the last bits of summer. Then headed to a NYC for a quick work trip and then it is almost back to school! Already? Happy Sunday!