snow2I took this picture on Wednesday during what they have coined “The Snowquester”here in DC. One hour after this picture was taken, the snow was gone and all we had left were wet streets and some bored kids that were expecting to make an afternoon snowman. I really love a snow day, even ones that do not involve snow. Since the airport closed, my husband got stuck an extra day on a work trip, so the kids and I went to Krispy Kreme to cheer us up.

1. Random, but worth noting, the cherry blossoms will be in peak bloom March 26 -3oth. I can’t wait to take some pictures of the cherry trees.

0251926753242. When I am flipping through the channels and I see Coal Miner’s Daughter on, I know that I will be doing nothing else for the next two hours. It is on right now, and it has taken me 20 minutes to write 4 sentences. I love this movie, I could listen to Sissy Spacek say “Doo” all day long and never get tired of it. I should have considered naming a child Doolittle so that I could say it all day too. Loretta Lynn has a crazy story, and this movie is worth a watch.

lotion3. When I started buying spray sunscreen (which is one of the best inventions ever), I was hopeful that they would start making moisturizer in the spray bottle. So imagine my happiness when I was strolling through Target and I saw that Vaseline made my dreams come true. I am so lazy, and hate putting lotion on, even though my skin is lizard like in the winter months. This spray is saving me this season. It can be messy, so I dry off after a shower, and then get back into the shower (turned off of course) and spray it on in there. Love this stuff.

4. You have seen this video floating around social media this week, but it is something to think about. Should coding me the next language we teach our kids? Food for thought.

mexican6. We are headed to brunch at Bittersweet in Old Town Alexandria this morning. Bittersweet has quickly become on of our go-to places. We love their brunch and lunch items, but were surprised to find that they have amazing Mexican food too. You would never think by the looks of this cute cafe that they would serve Mexican food, and this it would be just what you were craving (if you missed Mexican food more than anything after leaving California where you ate it four times a week). Delicious. I also love this place because there is something for everyone in my family of picky eaters. Also, the carrot cupcakes are divine.

Have a great weekend, I am off to get some fresh roots this afternoon (nothing makes a girl happier than freshening up her highlights) and have the lovely Susan and her adorable family over for dinner this evening. I guess I should decide what to make for dinner.

What is on your radar this week?