walnut crunch sundaes1. I had some Jameson caramel sauce leftover from my Guiness Irish Cream Cupcakes. I could not part with it, and was having friends over for dinner (and didn’t feel like baking anything) so I made the coffee nut crisp from the Gourmet recipe that the sauce came from. The coffee nut crisp is super easy to make, and adds a really great crunch to make coffee ice cream a little bit special. This dessert is a keeper. And a little tip – scoop the ice cream into the whatever you are going to serve it in, and keep it in the freezer until you need to serve it. Pull it out, drizzle with some sauce, and sprinkle on some nuts. Dessert is done.

meyers2. I am a HUGE fan of Mrs. Meyers products. I was in Target today and they had the new radish scent. Love how fresh and clean it smells. I was super excited because I figured that I would have to order it online, but I got to take home some. I love these products and use them for just about everything. If they made a granite cleaner I would probably never buy another brand.

3. I am not a huge Billy Joel fan, but I love this video. I have always lived by “the worst they can say is no” philosophy, and this video is case and point to that. A college kid (a freshman at Vanderbilt) with cajones the size of melons, got to live out a dream. Watch the video. I got teary the first few times I watched it, look at the kid’s face, you can tell he is having a once in a lifetime experience.

4. Did you know that I own another website? It is called The Creative Mama and I love it there. It is a special place. I just gave it a facelift. There is a reason why I am a cook and not a web designer. It is hard work. Go take a look and let me know what you think. Better yet, become a reader over there too!

eggs5. Easter is super early this year. I am sort of glad that the Easter season is short, so that these bad boys will not be on the shelves for much longer. I don’t know how those chocolate chicks end up in cart every. single. time. I. see. them.

bangs6. I got bangs this week. I know, not really worth sharing publicly, but the lovely stylist that does my hair is. I almost don’t want to tell you because I fear that I will no longer be able to get an appointment with her. Her name is Camble and she works at Salon deZen in Old Town Alexandria. And she is awesome. Love her and love how my hair is looking these days, even during the awkward going out phase.

7. I am thinking about taking my children to see this show. It looks cute and is playing until the 14th of April.

date-night8. My favorite Instagram picture of the week.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Be safe! What are you doing this weekend?