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Something for the weekend

girls-readingThis week has been a doozy. Sometimes, it feels like this craziness happening all over the world is the new normal. What else can happen? I am hopeful, that things will get better. My emotions have run all over the place, and because of that, I sort of have hunkered down and stayed close to home. And thankfully, I will be doing lots of hunkering with my family this weekend. Now more than ever, it seems like we really need to stay close, love each other, and be grateful. I hope that your weekend is full of love and laughter.

1. This is what my husband is doing today. I think that he is nuts, but super proud of him for doing it. I hope that he makes it home in one piece.

swancreekcandle_2258_14764972. I love candles, and have them burning in my house all day long, every day. I don’t save them for special occasions. These candles from Swan Creek Candle Co. are my absolute favorite. The are made of soy, so they are clean burning, and the fragrance lasts forever. My favorite is Olive Verbena, and Spiced Cinnamon and Orange comes in at a close second. I need to re-order soon, I am down to one, and that is not good.

bare-minerals3. I am a longtime bareMinerals fan, and absolutely love this new foundation. It is pressed into a compact, instead of loose like other mineral makeup, and it goes on with a brush. It takes far less time to put on than liquid foundation and the coverage is is as heavy or as light as you like. The Go Bare Tour is kicking off in DC on Tuesday (4/23 from 3 to 7) at Georgetown Cupcake and I cannot wait to go. Hope to see you there!

harrys4. If you love your Warby Parkers as much as I do, then you will love their new brainchild for the men in your life. Harry’s is a new company that makes high quality razors for a reasonable price. The items above are $15. I was listening to NPR one afternoon and I loved how the creators had a problem (crappy, expensive razors) and found a way to solve the problem, and contribute to people less fortunate. For every purchase made, Harry’s donates a portion to an organization that shares it mission and goals. My husband is a convert.

kiddos5. Favorite Instagram of the week.

That’s all I have for today. Have a wonderful weekend.


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