petit lemonThis week was this guy’s 5th birthday. All of the birthdays of my children are special, but his tugs at my heart strings just a little bit more. He had a very dramatic entrance into this world, and every year, I go back there. It was a defining moment for me. From a gentle water birth to being alone in an operating room, thinking that my baby was not going to be okay. It was the scariest moment of my life, and every year, I thank God that we made it out okay and that my baby is healthy and happy. I have a good cry every single year. It might also have to do with the fact that in some ways, I am mourning that this season of motherhood is over for me. We will not be having any more babies, and with every passing year, it becomes more clear that I am the mom of big kids. Now don’t get me wrong – I love not having diapers, naps to worry about, and the freedom of older children. But every now and again, I miss the late night feedings, holding an infant, and the newness that a baby brings… and then a see a new mom in Toys R Us, with the delirious new baby look and mumbling about engorgement, and it is gone.

1. Poor guy has been so sick this week. He toughed it up to go to school because he could not handle the idea of not having his special day. He brought his friends Krispy Kremes (chocolate with sprinkles), and got to share his All About Me poster. And then he came home, slept for 3 hours, and barely made it through diner. The only thing that brightened him up at all was the opening of his presents. He opened them, grabbed one, and settled back onto the couch. He has an ear infection, terrible allergies, and 4 new prescriptions. On a happy note, he does have just about the cutest birthday shirt ever. This shirt came from Petit Lemon and he was counting down the days until he could where it. He felt so special in his birthday shirt, and loved that everyone asked him about it.  And the 5 is green, his favorite color.

02_GHS_00_12. It is no secret that I am Mrs. Meyer’s obsessed. I am in love with the new radish scent. This week I saw that they have these adorable glass soap pumps. I must have one for every sink in my house.

cooking-with-flowers3. I was sent this gorgeous book, Cooking with Flowers, for review and it has changed my garden plans for the summer. It is no secret that I love cooking and baking with herbs, but I had no idea how many flowers were edible. This book is beautiful, and has been sitting on my coffee table for a few weeks, I find myself flipping through it just to look at the pictures. With such vibrant colors, and mouth-watering recipes, this book would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

verlazzo salmon cook off4. This week, I got to dress in something other than flour-covered yoga pants, and judge a Verlazzo Salmon cooking contest to celebrate Earth Day. The event took place at the LivingSocial 918 F Street venue, which is such a cool building. I met a few people, ate some delicious seafood, and learned a lot about sustainability and how salmon is raised and sold. It was hard to narrow down a winner, but we had a good time trying. (This dish was not the winner, but it is so beautiful, that I can’t not share it with you.)

lunch5. Favorite Instagram of the Week. After listening to Sarah Jenks, I am trying to change my relationship with food. I am so proud of myself, I actually made myself a healthy lunch just for me. I make so many meals for other people, that I never take the time to make myself something, especially if I am home alone. Isn’t that funny? After that lunch, I felt rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of my afternoon.

Happy Weekend!