Spiced Peach Crumb Cake recipe

Spiced Peach Crumb Cake

We have had a lot of house guests lately. It’s funny, no one wanted to visit us when we lived in California or DC, but we moved to the Cape and all of a sudden everyone wants to visit. We love it, I’m not complaining. I’ve gotten really good at casual late morning brunches. I’m not a morning person, and not much of a breakfast eater either. I like to have things that people can serve themselves when they want to eat it. This cake has become a staple of this kind of breakfast. I’ve made it with no fruit, and I’ve also used blueberries, raspberries, and apples. This peach version is a wonderful vehicle for the ripe peaches that are in the markets right now. I added some warm spices to the crumb that go so well with peaches. Another perk to this recipe – no mixer needed. You make this one using nothing more than a wooden spoon and a pastry cutter.

Add a cup of coffee and you have just about the best way to start your day.

Spiced Peach Crumb Cake Recipe

You can find the full recipe over at Dixie Crystals. 

Spiced Peach Crumb Cake Recipe