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Welcome to Baked Bree. What is this site all about you ask? If you are new to Baked Bree, this blog was founded in 2010 as a way to document my family and friendʼs favorite recipes. People would come over and love something that they ate, so I got the wild idea to start a website so that I didn't have to type the recipe over and over again. I had no idea that food blogs were a thing (how did I miss Pioneer Woman?) and I thought that I was a genius. Ha!

Over the years it has grown into so much more than recipes. There are over a thousand recipes and posts to read through. I mainly write about food and share recipes - but there are also posts about travel, photography, goal setting, decor, parenting, military life, and sharing our personal lives with you. At the core, Baked Bree is a place where you can find encouragement and inspiration to enjoy your time at home and to get out there and see the world. Since there are so many posts on different things, I thought Iʼd share some highlights and a few personal favorites. 

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If youʼd like to read more about me and what I am about, here is a good place to start. If you would like to see more of my photography, please head over to my photography site. 

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