State of the Union – January 2013

We started the year and it has been non-stop. The last few weeks have been a blur. But in a totally good way. Well, minus the flu. That kind of was no fun.

We did some adventuring in January and one place that I fell in love with was Union Market. The Korean Taco stand is my favorite, and I crave it constantly. Seeing this picture again is making me salivate. We met my brother and his girlfriend at Old Ebbitt Grill while they were doing Inauguration practice. It was so weird to be on Pennsylvania without cars and traffic. The flags in all of the windows made me teary. It also happened to be No Pants Day on the Metro. Clay was so confused as to why people were not wearing pants. I too was confused. I don’t like the idea of my bare bottom on the Metro seat, but maybe that is just me.

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  • Oh my gosh the no pants day is too funny! Ava is getting so big; she’s gorgeous. And I love the pic of Wes and Will.

  • Haha.. I was scrolling through your blog post and I stopped at the subway picture… wondering what subway it was… until I noticed there were people with no pants!! And then of course I started wondering why that was…. anyways good post 🙂


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