May was a crazy busy month for me. I spent time in California visiting the Dole farms, and then I went to Minneapolis to visit General Mills. I have been blogging for Betty Crocker for one year now, and it was so wonderful to meet the team of people that I have been working with all this time. Not only that, but I have been dying to visit the Betty prop room, I had heard that it is crazy. It was.

We started out the trip by having a great dinner at Cafe Lurcat, and had a really fun wine tasting. The next day, we took a tour of the facility, I had no idea that it was so huge. It is like an indoor college campus. Banks, dry cleaners, Caribou Coffee, even a salon. We ended up in the Betty Crocker test kitchen. We were given a tour, and walked through the process of how a recipe is created, tested, and later photographed. I learned so much in one day.

At the end of the morning, we headed into the kitchen to have a Chopped-like competition. Each team was given a basket of ingredients, and we had to work together to make something using all of the ingredients with an additional 5 ingredients if we needed it. We decided to make a Summer Berry Basil Mini Pizza and it was incredible, if I do say so myself. Go Team Blueberry!

After we made our dishes, we had to present them to the tasting panel. These ladies do this every afternoon, and they are a tough crowd. They asked a lot of questions, but they took it easy on us. Did I mention that they filmed us the whole day too?

After lunch, we met with the food stylists and we got a hands on lesson on how they would go about styling our creations. I loved watching them, and seeing how they approach each item. I also learned that each brand has a very different way of styling. We were shooting a dish for Pillsbury, so it could be looser and messier. I have a new appreciation for crumbs.

We shot tethered, so we could see each shot as we went along. I should shoot tethered at home, it made it so much easier to see things and fix it as you were shooting it.

Head on over to Pillsbury to grab the recipe, it is perfect for summer. Thanks to everyone at Betty for hosting us, and having such a great event. I can’t wait until next year!