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While I am not particularly interested if the Steelers beat the Packers, there is something that I am interested in on Superbowl Sunday. The food. I love Superbowl food. Dips, appetizers, finger foods, cheese, chili, and icy cold beers. It is the one day of the year when you are supposed to eat garbage and […]

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In my perfect world, I would only eat appetizers and dessert in a restaurant. I usually find the appetizer menu to be more interesting and really, I am thinking ahead to dessert. Why eat a heavy meal if all I really want is the lemon dessert on the dessert menu? I like appetizers at home […]

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This recipe for Marinated Mozzarella is less recipe, more method. You can change this up in so many ways, but this is one way that I make this appetizer. You grab a container of some sort. I am sure that you are shocked that I am using a Mason jar. You know how I love […]

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Do you ever forget about recipes? Ones that you love and make a few times and then the piece of paper that the recipe is written on gets shoved in the back of a drawer or something not to reemerge for years? This is one of those recipes. Thankfully, I did end up finding it […]

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