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Spiced Peach Crumb Cake We have had a lot of house guests lately. It’s funny, no one wanted to visit us when we lived in California or DC, but we moved to the Cape and all of a sudden everyone wants to visit. We love it, I’m not complaining. I’ve gotten really good at casual […]

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I have made this coffee cake more than I have made anything else in the last few weeks. I think that I have made over 12 cakes already (I swear that I didn’t eat them all myself). This cake is exactly what you want in a coffee cake. Moist cake, sweet, crunchy, and cinnamon-y. Perfect […]

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When someone comes over to visit I think that you should have something baked for them. It does not always happen that I am able to do this, but I do try. I love to cook and bake for people. It is my way of saying that I love them. I really, really love them […]

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