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There are undoubtedly times in one’s life that call for a hunk piece of chocolate cake. Whether you are happy, sad, depressed, stressed or just been dumped, this chocolate cake is exactly what you need. It is simple and rich, but elegant at the same time. It can be fancied up with some fresh berries […]

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When people find out that you have a food blog, they start making requests. Sometimes, the requests are things that I would not normally want to make or eat. I flipped through this recipe in the Thanksgiving issue of Sunset and did not look twice at it. A friend of my husband’s mentioned that he […]

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Birthdays are sort of a big deal at our house. I think that every new year should be celebrated and that everyone should have a birthday cake. My husband, Wes, is not really a birthday cake kind of guy. He loves peanut butter pie. That is usually what I make him, but this year, I […]

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I like to make people birthday cakes. I think that birthdays are special and that everyone deserves a delicious birthday cake in their honor. This cake was for William’s first grade teacher. She really deserved a cake for her birthday. This chocolate cake recipe is hands down the best chocolate cake out there. It is […]

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This little cupcake looks pretty simple doesn’t it? But do not worry. It will not disappoint. It is ridiculous. I was invited to submit a cupcake recipe for a cookbook and I needed to come up with something different and fun. I racked my brain and all of the sudden it hit me. Peanut Butter […]

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