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(This is from my first roll of film. I could not be any happier with how my first rolls turned out. I am in LOVE with film. Why do all of my hobbies have to be so expensive?) It seems crazy to me that I am typing this on the 18th of March. Here I […]

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2017 Goals using Lara Casey’s Powersheets. Monthly goals plans that make achieving dreams possible. 2017 got off to a rocky start. Why? I can’t really say. I felt unmotivated, unsettled, and just could. not. get. it. together. We were waiting on orders, and it felt like we were treading water until we knew what the […]

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I do realize that the month is more than half over. But I am proud to say that I published my monthly goals for the entire year. I’m a starter, not usually a finisher. This is big. And publicly putting my goals out there was very motivating to actually achieving them. I will for sure […]

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I’m writing this on the couch waiting for the polls to come in. I love election night. I always have, I love the energy. This election has been really long and brought out a lot of bad feelings for people – myself included. I’m excited that the election season will be over tomorrow. And I […]

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October 2016 goals and ways to get out of a funk and to choose to be happy.  September was a busy month. It was a lot of travel – which I love – but with travel means a lot of juggling. Kids, schedules, work, and at the beginning of the school year, it can be hard […]

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August was a blur. A good blur. A happy blur. But a blur nonetheless. It was a crazy busy month and looking back now, I got so much done. I kicked August’s a$$. Will and Wes were both away for 2 weeks. It was weird. We missed them so much and the house had a […]

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July was a great month. The highlight being my super short – super amazing – super fun – trip to London. I need to write an entire post about it because I have a lot to share about the experience. I have been disappointed that I am not British just about my entire life. Now […]

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June was a really good month. The kids finished school, we really felt settled into our new home. We had a good visit with family, spent some time on the beach and have clocked a lot of time out in the sunshine. All in all, I would say that June was a success. Things are […]

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