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I am on the couch this week recovering from a pretty maj surgery. (I’m fine, promise.) I really am surprised at how hard it is to lay around and not do anything. It sounded amazing when my doctors told me that I would have to really take it easy for a few weeks. I filled […]

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I am sitting on my couch watching the Today show and trying to get my act together. After the craziness of last week, it is nice to be watching the news and hearing good, uplifting stories. My house is a mess, we had a busy weekend, and I am having a hard time finding my […]

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Did you over indulge this weekend? I sure did. Baseball games, Tomato Festivals, friends for dinner, lost hard drives (2x) It was a great and exhausting weekend. I lost my hard drive on my iMac this weekend and I am going to take this time to give a little Public Service Announcement. Backup. Backup. Backup. […]

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My friend Sonja of Beautiful Life Photography asked me if I would do a guest post for her Mother’s Day gift guide. Of course! Will and I got busy in the kitchen and came up with these delicious little muffins. I am going to repost it here, but check out Sonja’s gorgeous photography. Her blog […]

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