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Father’s Day is this Sunday. This year, we will happily be unpacking and moving into our new house. If I were having a Father’s Day celebration, here are a few things that might grace my table: Man Log – Most definitely, a special occasion treat. But one that all of the men in my life […]

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Birthdays are sort of a big deal at our house. I think that every new year should be celebrated and that everyone should have a birthday cake. My husband, Wes, is not really a birthday cake kind of guy. He loves peanut butter pie. That is usually what I make him, but this year, I […]

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My husband is not a huge dessert person. It breaks my heart to go to a restaurant with him sometimes and him not order a dessert. I like to each get one and share but he rarely goes along with that plan. Unless there is a peanut butter pie on the menu. He is a […]

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