I know that you read The Pioneer Woman, because frankly, is there anyone out there than doesn’t?  Ree, aka Pioneer Woman, is funny, smart, a talented photographer, and she doesn’t know this, but she is my fantasy BFF.  I spend days out at the ranch making delicious man meals for all of the cowboys and taking pictures of their cows and the Oklahoma sunset.  That doesn’t really happen, but in my mind it does.  So my BFF, Ree, wrote a book called Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.  Is a sweet love story about her and Marlboro Man’s courtship, wedding, and first year of marriage.  I started reading the excerpt on my beloved Kindle a few weeks ago before the rest of the book was released.  Bad idea.  I read it quickly and wanted more.  It was getting really good, even though I know how the story ends, (they live happily ever after and have 4 beautiful children together) I needed to hear the steamy details.  I ignored my childrens cries for more juice and burnt my dinner, but I was hooked.

Not only did I love the romantic story of two unlikely people who fall in love and have an old-fashioned love affair, but it reminded me that I also had my own romantic story of two unlikely people to fall in love.  We all have a love story to tell.  Years have gone by, watching movies on the couch for hours have been replaced with shuffling three kids to and fro.  Long home cooked meals that we lingered over for hours have become family meals full of chatter and laughter and a very messy floor.  We have grown up and changed, but we started out just like Ree and Marlboro Man.  Young, so madly in love with each other that we could not breathe, and unable to spend a moment apart.  I need to thank her for reminding me of that.  We still are madly in love with each other, but it is harder now to go back to that place.  I think that we should all write down the story of US.  I think that it would be a very good read.

In a marriage, you fall in love again over and over again.  Sometimes the love comes easy and sometimes it takes a little more work and effort.  But the good always outweighs the bad and at the end of the day we are there for each other.  There are moments that are permanently etched in my mind, places that have a bookmark in my memories.  I will never forget how I fell in love with my husband all over again when I saw him holding our newborn baby in his arms.  I was lucky and got to bookmark that one three times.  There have been many, many things through the years that have made my heart full.  But sometimes we need to be reminded.  Life is busy and life is fast.  So thank you Ree for making me remember.  Thank you for making me go back to that place and relive those moments through your story.

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