Picture Holidays – Day 4

I know you are asking yourself how cinnamon rolls can be the key to the holidays, but to me they are.  I love to start the holiday season by baking something that I would not ordinarily bake any other time of the year.  It seems that during this time of year, people are more willing to spend time in the kitchen and enjoy the process of cooking and baking.  I love it all year around, but there are certain things that I save to make during the holidays.  These things become special and they feel special because they only make a short appearance once a year.  My kitchen smells of warm spices and chocolate and bread.

These cinnamon rolls are something that I usually only make at Christmastime.  They are not hard to make, but they do take some time.  I love making them and stocking my freezer with cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning or giving some to people that I think need a special treat.  These were made for one of my closest friends in the world.  She is coming to see me and cinnamon rolls are her favorite thing.

The key to the holidays for me, is actually slowing down to enjoy them.  Baking is perfect example of how during the holidays we take the time to do nice things for people that we care about, enjoy the actual act of doing it, and savor it.  I wish that we did it more often.  Even in July.

cinnamon rollscinnamon rolls