Things That Make Me Happy: YouTube Cooking Shows

black cherry chocolate pavlovaWe watch a lot of YouTube at my house. So much that we are turning off our cable because we really don’t watch anything on real tv anymore. If you haven’t explored YouTube in awhile, you will be surprised to find some really great shows, tutorials, and lots of entertaining nonsense. And I’m not just talking about cat videos.

If I want to learn how to do anything these days, I immediately go to YouTube. I’ve taught myself how to French braid (this channel is a favorite of Ava’s), contour my face, how to use Lightroom, and ice a cake. Not to mention how to make some delicious desserts.

Two of my favorite channels are Cupcake Jemma and Donal Skehan. Jemma is British (so I obviously love her) and Donal is from Ireland. They both have great cooking shows that inspire me to get into the kitchen and make something. I always learn something or get an idea that springboards from their show.

malteser cupcakes

Ava and I made these Malteser cupcakes. Maltesers are like Whoppers, but the British version. (In my opinion, they are so much better than Whoppers and are worth looking for. I ordered them online and since then I have found them in lots of shops. Go figure.) I love Jemma’s super easy cupcake recipe, and the frosting is to die for. (Seriously, these are amazing.)

One thing that I discovered from watching European shows is that I love baking by weight. These recipes are in grams, so I’ve had to learn to bake using a kitchen scale. It is so easy, uses far less dishes, and is so much more accurate. I wouldn’t have started doing this unless I was watching these videos.

black cherry chocolate pavlova

I made this Black Forest Pavlova from Donal’s channel. It is a two layer chocolate pavlova with cherries, cream, and shaved chocolate. It was delicious and the perfect marshmallowy texture. I made it for Valentine’s Day dessert and it was heavenly.

black cherry chocolate pavlova

Other Channels that I love:

Cake Style – I love this succulent cake and I want to make something similar. And this one is so beautiful and pretty easy to do.

Art Hub For Kids – My children love this channel and use it all the time to make new drawings.

Jamie Oliver – He has a network of channels with various hosts. I love his kitchen and gardens, they are gorgeous.

Twist Me Pretty – We are always trying new braids and hairstyles and like this channel a lot.

Nike Women – The Margot vs. Lily web series is clever and almost makes me want to go for a run.

Jaclyn Hill – I love a makeup tutorial.

Rick Bayless – I love this man.

It’s Way Past My Bedtime and Tom Fletcher – Brother and sister that send video letters to each other. He in a British boy band and she was in Phantom of the Opera. There is a lot of singing and they are adorable.

malteser cupcakes

I’m always finding new things that catch my interest (and my kids). Are there any channels that you love that I need to know about?

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raspberry orange pistachio ricotta cake slices on a wire rack

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  1. Tayce

    Love, love, love your Divinity Recipe! It came out perfect, just like my grandmother use to make♡. Everyone else’s comes out hard and icky, I’ve been looking for a while to make for my husband. He now knows the difference between cloud like and the crunchy kind. My grandmother always said there couldn’t be any clouds or rain when she made it, because it wouldn’t set right. It’s definitely a tricky candy to make. Thank you for your recipe as well as the pictures and advice! Made all the difference in world! 🙂

    1. bakedbree

      I’m so glad. And your grandmother is exactly right. Candy making and humidity don’t love each otehr.

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