pinhole press holiday cardsOne of my favorite things to do all year is to make our holidays cards. I love finding the perfect pictures for our Christmas cards and looking through the beautiful cards that are out there. Some years, I design and make them myself in Photoshop, and some years I order them through a company. This year, I used Pinhole Press and love the quality. The color is perfect, and the paper is so thick. It was hard to decide which card to choose, but herringbone speaks to me.

pinhole press holiday cards

Just as much as I love making our cards, I love getting them. I love getting the mail during the month of December. I love seeing my friend’s children grow and all of the amazing places where they live. Some people think that moving as much as we do is a burden, I see it as a gift. We have had so many amazing people and families come through our lives. We get mail from all over the world. Each year, our holiday card list grows, and nothing makes me happier. The tradition of Christmas cards is one that I will cherish forever.

pinhole press holiday cardsThis year, I enlisted the help of my two big kids to help me with getting our cards out. They had a snow day, and were getting a little antsy, so I thought it was the perfect job to keep them busy. I made some hot chocolate and we got busy. They stuffed envelopes, stickered the cards, and put the stamps on. They even took them to the mail box. This year, a new tradition was formed. Instead of me doing this by myself, we are going to do it together from here on out. As we were addressing the cards, they remember friends and experiences they had with the recipients of the cards.

holiday card traditions I would not consider myself to be a very religious or spiritual person, but we have adopted a new tradition from one of my dearest friends. Each night when they say grace, they say a special prayer for the people that sent holiday cards that day. I love the idea that at a table somewhere in the world, a family is thinking good thoughts about mine. And mine about someone else. It is just a nice practice that makes the holidays truly about what they should be about. Good cheer and holiday spirit.