valentine cupcakesDid Valentine’s Day sneak up on you like it did to me?  Most years, I really have it together.  This year, not so much.  I have made a few little treats here and there, but no where near my usual Valentine’s Day extravaganza.  When we were children, my mom always made a huge deal about Valentine’s Day.  It was always one of my favorite days of the year.  An elaborately set dinner table, presents, candies, the works.  Not to mention the fancy dinner.  I try to do the same for my children and hope that they remember it as lovingly as I do.

These Valentine cupcakes are very similar to my Flag Cupcakes.  They are really fun, festive, and look like you worked very hard.  But you and I both know that these are easy.  White cake tinted with holiday colors.  These are perfect class Valentine treats.  My daughter’s class is really small, so each cupcake will be wrapped in an individual cupcake box with a cute little heart tag.  From the top, it looks like a red velvet cupcake, but when you unwrap it, you see the layers of Valentine colors.  If I were 5, I would be so happy to get these.  If I happened to be 34, which I can neither confirm or deny, I would be pretty happy to get these.  This girl loves a holiday baked good.

I am hoping that you my beloved blog readers, do in fact, have it together.  At the bottom of this post, there is a place to link up what you have made and created for Valentine’s Day.  I cannot wait to see what you all have come up with.

valentines day cupcakesI made these Valentine’s Day cupcakes the other day when Ava had a playdate.  The girls and I had fun mixing some gel food coloring into a boxed white cake mix.

valentines day cupcakesLayer the colored cake batter into lined muffin tins.  I started with pink on the bottom, then white, and finished with red.

valentine cupcake recipeBake using the instructions on the box.

valentines day cupcakesGrab some cute little girls, buttercream icing, and sprinkles.

valentine cupcake recipeLet them sprinkle to their hearts content.

valentine cupcake recipeWhich really is not difficult to do when one has a sprinkle problem.  So what if I have an entire drawer full of jimmies and sprinkles?  Do they have Sprinkle Anonymous? If so, I need to go STAT.

valentine cupcake recipe

Cute huh?

valentine cupcake recipePackage some up to send home with your friend.  Wouldn’t you like a treat like this?

valentine cupcake recipeNow it is your turn, show us what you have made for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Cupcakes and a Linky Party


  • white cake mix
  • red food coloring
  • pink food coloring
  • sprinkles


  1. Make white cake according to box directions.
  2. Layer the colored cake batter into lined muffin tins. I started with pink on the bottom, then white, and finished with red.
  3. Bake using the instructions on the box.
  4. Ice with buttercream icing and decorate with sprinkles.


valentines cupcakes