What’s in My Pantry? [Baking]

essential pantry itemsI had 4 people email me the same question on the same day. How weird is that? The question was, what do I keep in my pantry? Such a good question. I am going to start out by saying that I cook and bake more than the average person so my pantry might be a bit of overkill for most. However, I will show you what I consider to be essential items and I will highlight some products that I really love and use often. Since I am in the throws of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies, I thought that I would start with my baking pantry. And, because my other cabinets are a mess. Let’s do this in parts shall we? It gives me some time to clean those babies out.

essential pantry items for baking

I do not have a ton of cabinet space in my kitchen. My cabinets look deceiving, but actually they are quite shallow and do not hold a lot. I have to make good use of my space. I have dedicated the two cabinets at the top on the right for baking ingredients, but I keep flour and sugar on the counter. I also keep extras in the bottom of the long cabinets underneath.

This time of year, baking supplies go on sale. I stock up. I go through a ton of flour and sugar, so I always buy a few when they are on sale. I also will change out my baking powder and baking soda every other month or so. I am pretty proud of myself that I have baked so much lately that I went through a container of baking powder in less than two weeks.

Unless I run out of something, I can bake whatever I feel like at 2 a.m. because I have a very well stocked pantry. I usually make as much from scratch as humanly possible, but sometimes, I will use a cake mix or a pudding mix if I am in a hurry. It is nice to at least have the option if I do not feel like making it homemade.

I also buy organic dairy products and citrus whenever I can. I don’t always spend the money on butter and cream, but everything else is organic. I skip the organic flours as well.

essential pantry items for bakingall purpose flour
whole wheat pastry flour
baking powder
baking soda
brown sugar
white sugar
turbinado sugar
powdered sugar

essential pantry items for bakingpeanut butter
marshmallow fluff
instant pudding (chocolate and vanilla)
sweetened condensed milk
milk chocolate chips
semi-sweet chocolate chips
mini chips
white chocolate chips
sliced almonds

essential pantry items for bakingpowdered milk
buttermilk powder (one of my favorite things, I never have buttermilk and this is a perfect solution)
vegetable or canola oil
candy bars (Heath or Snickers can really up the anty in a boxed brownie mix)
cooking spray (Bakers Joy is my favorite. I am too lazy to butter and flour and this has never let me down.)
cake mixes (yellow and chocolate)
brownie mix
plain gelatin
crystallized ginger
graham crackers

essential pantry items for bakinginstant coffee and espresso powder
dried fruits
light corn syrup
dark corn syrup
real maple syrup
jams and jellies

essential pantry items for bakingparchment paper (the 365 brand from Whole Foods is my favorite brand. The paper is brown and it fits my cookie sheets perfectly)
vinegar (white and apple cider)
kosher salt
sea salt
vanilla extract
vanilla bean paste
almond extract
lemon extract
butter-vanilla emulsion
vanilla beans
whole nutmeg

essential pantry items for bakingricotta cheese
sour cream
unsalted butter
heavy cream

essential pantry items for bakingI also have some plastic drawers to keep some of my other baking obsessions supplies. I love cookie cutters and was so sad because during our last move, the movers lost my baking boxes. My grandmother’s cheesecake pan, my favorite springform pan, and my cookie cutter collection. I am still not over it, but I am building my collection up again. As you can see.

essential pantry items for bakingHave I mentioned that I have a sprinkle problem? I need to go to Jimmie Anonymous. I just may have bought some more since I took this picture. All colors, holidays, shapes. My personal favorite and the one that I use the most is plain white sanding sugar. I sprinkle it on muffins, scones, pies, whatever I want a little bit of sparkly crunch. Also in there is some meringue powder. I like to use meringue powder when I am making royal icing for cookies.

essential pantry items for bakingWhich brings me to my cupcake liner problem. And paper baking pans. Is there a support group?

essential pantry items for bakingAnd lastly, my food coloring. Gel food coloring in many colors. They are being organized with silicone ice cube trays. I also have some fun sparkle gels and decorating gels in there as well. I use the plastic bottles for decorating cookies.

Did I miss something? What are your baking pantry essentials?

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  • Wow…funny what “stuff” looks like when hauled out of cabinets. I cringed reading your post, thinking what my stuff would look like spread out on the floor. I have lots of cabinet space in the kitchen, plus huge cabinets that I’ve taken over in the family room, living room AND dining room. Not to mention bulk storage in the basement! While I”m not a candidate for hoarding therapy, food is my passion! I love food and cooking so I have lots of ingredients on hand, especially in bulk, dishware, and most equipment known to chefs etc…Good post, thanks.

    • It is probably a good thing that I don’t have the much space. I tend to keep the essentials when it comes to kitchen stuff. We move too often to keep a lot.

  • Holy pantry envy. We are sick with jealousy! You are so organized! And so well stocked!! We’re taking notes…

    • Oh girls, don’t be jeal!! I am sure that you have a beautiful pantry as well…. lots of yummy stuff comes out of your kitchen!

  • Do you put frosting in the plastic bottles? Those look much easier to navigate for little hands than the bags! I also have a sprinkle problem, but hardly ever bake, so I would say yours is much more justified!

  • ohhh, my goodness. you have me wanting to dash to the bakery supply shop this afternoon! the food coloring organization is ESPECIALLY enviable. gorgeous!

    • it is a problem. The bakery supply store is within walking distance to my house. Bad news.

  • The silicone ice cube trays are GENIUS! I recently had to clean up the huge mess mine had made in a leaking ziploc bag-ugg! Seriously brilliant!!

  • dang i’m impressed! that is QUITE a collection and one I wish I had room for! Someday…

  • I love seeing what people have in their pantries!! 🙂 Thanks

  • Wow, I never knew that buttermilk powder existed, thank you for that! Also, I could never keep candy bars in my pantry – they would mysteriously and quickly disappear!

  • Wow…you are well stocked and organized. I need to take some hints from you 🙂 Mine supplies are stacked on the top shelf of the pantry and crammed in cabinets where I can find a few extra inches to spare!

    • thank you Rachael! If it were not organized, I wouldn’t bake. If I have to look for stuff, I don’t bother.

  • Your pantry is so organized and neat! Mine hides behind two doors and it is a good thing! I can barely see the floor, and the dog doesn’t even venture in there even when he knows his treats are on a low shelf (or the floor!)
    Congratulations and thanks for being a great inspiration to just get in there and organize away.

    • You are too kind, my pantry is organized, but the rest of my house could use some work.

  • Wow, you are so organized! My baking cupboard consists of about 4 different types of flour, some cracked wheat, and some brown sugar. I almost always have to buy ingredients every time I bake sweets.

    • I really wish that the rest of my house was that organized. You should see my linen closet!

  • Okay, I am completely ashamed, but INSPIRED. My pantry is nothing short of a disaster. Move one thing and the oh so delicate balance is disrupted and you are showered with a cascade of pasta, canned goods, and the occasional cookbook.

    I will be reorganizing, cleaning and tossing expired stuff today. Thanks for the kick in the pants Bree!

    • Do not be ashamed!!! I think that you will find that when your space is organized you will want to cook more.

  • I’m so glad you posted this 🙂 Ive been anxiously waiting jaja. Time to hit the grocery store!!

  • I have to honestly say that I pretty much have everything you have shown in my pantry(s) as well. But I love how you organize all of your little things, like the awesome cupcake liners! I never seem to know what to do with those things, so they wind up stacked up and a big ole mess in my baking cabinet. Thanks for sharing and making me feel better about my own collection!
    Have a great day-

    • You are a hoarder too then? Lol…. The cupcake liner problem is what spawned the organization. It really makes me want to bake more because I know where everything is and I don’t have to search.

  • You have got to be the most organized person on the planet … I have managed to organize a lot of my colors / cupcake liners / sprinkles – you can never have enough of these can you? Thanks for some brilliant organizing ideas!!!

    • I wish! You should see the rest of my house. And no, you can NEVER have enough.

  • You inspired me! This is how I spent my Sunday, I just meant to organize my baking shelf at my parent’s house (because I’m the only one that uses it) and then it turned into a whole kitchen clean up. My mom said that if I wanted a flour and sugar canister on the counter then I had to de-clutter all the other junk on the counter!! Now I just need someone/something to bake for!! Love your blog!

  • Love all of the details. I am not always able to get as much organic as I would like.
    Where did you find the whole wheat pastry flour and buttermilk powder?

    With a recent change in circumstance I am cooking at home much more now. I am a good cook, but also recently developed a love of playing with bread. So i am stocking more items and find that i enjoy it more.

  • Hi I was wondering if you could do some corn muffins please!

  • I love that your pantry is a bit crazy full =) Mine is too! Can I ask where you get fun cupcake liners from? And buttermilk powder….thx!!

    • Totally crazy. Fun cupcake liners come from all over. Michaels, the bakery supply store, online. Buttermilk powder I get at Whole Foods, but the regular grocery store usually has it too. Sometimes is comes in a package that looks like breadcrumbs but shorter. Look in your baking aisle.

  • Thanks for your blog. It gave me some good ideas on how to organize my baking stuff. I unfortunately do not have the storage space you have. So if anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them. I live in a townhouse so kitchen is not too big. Thanks again,

    Alexandria, VA

    • Rethink your space. Maybe you have some space that is not in your kitchen. I have shelving in my garage that I store a lot if things in.


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